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5023 CLUB

Inaugurated in September 2016, Senators 5023 Club is a coterie group formulated for members, past and present players and partners, supporters of the Woodville Baseball Club, and their guests, to enjoy the social atmosphere of the baseball club, while also raising funds for the betterment of the club in general. Senators 5023 Club is intended to be an inclusive addition to the club’s social fabric and it works in total cooperation with the Woodville District Baseball Club Board. 


 "It's all about the Kids" 


Our primary mission is to provide a conduit for current players, members and supporters to enjoy the relaxed social environment at the club, with particular emphasis on attracting past players and supporters to re-connect with the club, hopefully ongoing. As a welcome by-product of its social functions Senators Club 5023 also aims to accumulate funds that can be used to target specific club projects with the following prioritisation principles: 

1. Finding practical and/or creative ways to support all Woodville players,

in particular a clear pathway and support for Junior Baseballers .

2. Help ensure that playing facilities and equipment are safe and to the highest standard possible,

maintaining WDBC as the Premier Club in the competition.

3. Target other special “club projects” that arise from time to time. 


Woodville invites you to become a member of the Senators 5023 Club. Please contact Craig Reval for further information on 0408 140 662 or email

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