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The Klaebe Club was created to honour the exceptional contribution Don Klaebe made to the Club since its inception.

Nominations are submitted, considered and voted on by current Members of the Klaebe Club ONLY at a meeting convened annually for this purpose. The Board of the Baseball Club shall ratify new inductees from this process, to be announced at Senior Presentation.

The contribution may be by way of ‘Passion, Inspiration, Physical assistance, Kindness, Friendship, Donations and general contribution on and off the field over a number of years'. Nominated persons need not be a Member of the Club. Nomination for membership of the Klaebe Club shall not require any previous award, such as Life Membership, nor should any previous award preclude nomination or consideration for membership.


Current Board Members of the Baseball Club shall not generally be considered for nomination in a particular year. Maximum of two Inductees per annum. It is generally envisaged nominees would be adult, however extraordinary contributions by youth may be considered. Talent or ability do not form part of the criteria.


 2019 Inductees

Pattie Tucker & Shane Brown receiving their certificates

Klaebe Club 2018-19.jpg
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