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DIVISON 1 - Best of three

Game One at Henley & Grange Sat 16.03.24   

Lost 3-6

Wade, as leadoff hitter, got the ball rolling with a home run in the first, but unfortunately, we had to wait until the eighth to score again, and it was a two-run dinger from Cesar.  In the meantime, we were hitting reasonably well but couldn't string them together and let the home team off the hook.  Cesar's hit got them worried, as the scoreline narrowed to a two-run deficit, and when Finners doubled in the next at bat, a pitching change was hurriedly made.  The Rams got a consolation run in their eighth, and it was enough to clinch the victory.  They scored too many soft runs - for instance their first two were from a passed ball and a walk (in fact there were too many walks).  Cesar can't keep out of the highlights reel and took a blinder at left field, and after AJ sat down after six, Troy closed.

Hits :  Wade Moore (HR), Cesar Perez (HR) 2, Mitch Fienemann, Joel Chapman, Nick Kuhn 1. 

We were close - but no cigar.

Game Two at Henley & Grange Sun 17.03 24     

Lost 0-7

Similar situation to the previous day's game - some good hits but couldn't string them together to put pressure on their pitcher and found the gaps hard to find, making the Ram's fielders' jobs easier.  They were scoring at a slow pace, getting one at a time, so after five we were well and truly in the hunt at 0-4, and then in the next three innings - sixth, seventh and eighth - we left multiple runners out there in scoring positions.  Hugely disappointing.  A tiring Drew gave up a homer and was relieved by Cesar who also saw one fly over his head, and the home side was on track to take the win.  Errors contributed largely towards the end and gave Henley a big advantage.  We had contained their best hitter for the most part of the two games, but it was he who put the first of those two dingers over the fence. Taheny has made the most of his elevation to the top side and took a ripper of a catch in the outfield. 

Hits :  Drew Janssen 2, Breandan Taheny, Cesar Perez, Mitch Fienemann, Troy Nicholson, Joel Chapman 1.

So, that's that for the season - nice to make the finals by finishing second on the ladder - but one more week would have put the icing on the cake.


at Henley & Grange Sat 16.03.24     

Lost 7-11

Another Preliminary Final appearance, and it got off to a poor start when the home side got going with five big ones - mainly unearned.  We then left runners on base and couldn't get them across the line, and it was left to Pappsy to hit a two run homer to get us back into the game.  Another innings of unearned runs (this time four) really put us behind the eightball, and Muggs's RBI gave us hope, and a fine double-play gave us a boost in spirit. A second two run bomb by Pappsy got us closer, but, after using five pitchers, we went down fighting. 

Hits :  Joe Papps ( 2HR) 3, Jose Ramirez, Ryan Muggleton 2, Daniel Chapman, Breandan Taheny, Ollie Hayes 1.

That's a wrap for the season - the guys played really well most of the year. and deserved their spot in the finals, but, like Div One, one more week would have been nice.



Semi Final v Sturt at Sturt Sun 17.03.24     


The end of a tough, tough season for the girls.  Reigning Premiers make you the hunted, everyone wants to knock you off, and with the injuries, work commitments, interstate transfers etc, the season was, in fact, as I said, tough.  Not once did they falter, and played the season out like the troopers they are.  Lots of players put their hands' up to help out, and we fielded a team each week to uphold the green and gold.  Meggsy for example, having been called up at the last minute, doesn't know how to give up, and after damaging her knee once again, was seen trying to steal a base. Madness.  Onwards and upwards - next year - as you can't keep these ladies down for long. 

Hits :  Indie O'HazySzchorn 2, Amara Quinn, Darna BoersVeen, Sarah McMahon, Megan BoersVeen, Jemila Dodd, Kym Wilson 1.



Continued to shine in the finals. The team won its second final with an impressive 14 to 2 wins over Southern Districts. Our scorer, Ben, called out the team's outstanding defensive work by holding up runners/batters to single advances. Riley had a stand-out game with only 5 pass balls, with runners only advancing a base. We were lucky at bat with a few errors going our way, allowing us to increase the margin quickly. Hats off to Myles, who recorded the game's only safe hit for us, scoring 2 runs for his effort. The team is in good spirits and excited to represent Woodville in the Grand Final at home this Sunday.


Riley 3 runs

Archie 3 runs

Felix 2 runs

Bodi 1 run

Myles had a double from one plate appearance that brought in 2 runs to a total of 6 in the 3rd.

Isaac 1 run

Poppy 1 run


Archie 3 innings, 15 batters faced, 6 strikeouts, 2 runs.

Felix 2 innings, 10 batters faced, 6 strikeouts, 1 run.


v 1 defeated Henley and Grange 8-1 to make it to next week's Grand

Final some good team batting with plenty of discipline at the plate drawing multiple walks and setting the game up well early on, some great defensive work to back up some great pitching by Alice Brown with 6 strikeouts in 6 innings of work and then Seb Bravo closing it out.

Hits: Archie Wallis 1 & Will Stock 1


After a nervous start to the semifinals where Kensington scored a few early we managed to put the maximum 7runs per inning in the bottom of the first to ensure the momentum stayed on our side. Diesel went and settled down and threw a very good game with lots of strikes which brought our fielders into the game where they helped him out with solid defence. We didn't stop with those 7 runs and kept adding on inning after inning. Couple clutch hits by Matthew, Jack and Indie and all of a sudden, the game was out of reach for them. Ollie Hayes came in to close the doors in the 5 and the 6 in a perfect matter.

Let's go win that flag which the woodies deserve.


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