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At Don Klaebe Field v Port Adelaide 27.11.21

WON 9-1 After posting a run in their second inning, the Maggies were held scoreless for the entire remainder of the game. We equalled that run in the third, but then in the fourth we put on a bit of a display with Cezar popping one over the fence and Ethan, Callum and Wade all hitting and contributing RBI's, and when we scored on an error we had put up seven runs for the dig. Joel was at his best and deserved the W, going seven quality innings to leave them floundering, Troy was spot on for one and Cezar polished it off with a quick last wash up. Defence was cool all day, with a nicely played double play to finish. Back on the winning list, and looking so much better. Hits: Troy Nicholson 3, Cesar Perez (HR) 2, Callum Park, Wade Moore, Nathan Nicholson, Ethan Marchioro 1. DIVISION TWO

At Don Klaebe Field v Port Adelaide 27.11.21.

WON 11-3 Started really great with nine on the board after two, with all hitting well and base running a highlight, and Mitch being a real meany from the mound. His batting was terrific and he got Muggsy home with an RBI, and Abbey's RBI rounded out the score line in a great win. Tyson came in at the death and finished them off. Hits: Fienemann 4, Abbott, Toepfer 2, Dunstall, Muggleton, Owen 1.


At Don Klaebe Field v Port Adelaide 27.11.21.

WON 33-1 Definitely the highlight of the day. Who wins by that margin? Joe was a bit peeved that they managed that single run off him in the last, but them's the breaks. First dig - triple, triple, strike out, home run D. Lodge - his first of two. Then the second - get this - sixteen runs from twenty-one at bats followed by nine in the third and five in the fourth and last. Talk about a hit parade. Breandan Taheny hit the cycle including an in the park home run. Hits: Brayden Marchioro, David Lodge (2HR), Shane Brown 4, Ikeda Kosuke, Breaden Taheny (HR) 3, Jarrod Marsland, James Chu, Josh Boden 2, Josh Mignone 1.


Unfortunately lost at the Port 2-21 with Nick McCormack getting three hits, Flash, Nate Oliver 2,and Cuz, Behr and Sully 1.


Had a good win against Port 5-2. They managed the win with only three hits - Craig Reval, Leigh Pedder and Flash.


Started the day at home against the Magpies and managed to start us off with a smile on our faces with a very good win 15-6. We had four on the board in the first, the before you knew it eight, then thirteen. When on song they are an excitement machine, with BOG Shane N turning it on and Brad closing them down. Hits: Shane N 3, Derek, Lawrie, Greg 2, Brad, Dave, Shane L 1.


Had a bye.

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