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Home at Don Klaebe Field v Sturt Twilight 9.02.21

Lost 2-12

We got our two run tally in the first, with Wade walking, Troy and Todd both hitting and Muggsy bringing one home and Ethan running in another to head Sturt 2-1, and with the big fireman hurling them down in fine fashion, scoring dried up for both teams for a few innings. They pinched three in the fourth and Mitch sat down to let Muggsy strut his stuff, but the defence let him down and we started to leak a few. Strong side Sturt, would have been nice to get a bit closer. Hits: Todd Dunstall, Troy Nicholson, Ryan Muggleton, Daniel Chapman 1.


Away v Glenelg 13.02.21

WON 9-8 Special win this one, with half our starting line-up at nuptials in Clare (congrats Mitch), but the tenacity of the Senators came to the fore, and we ground out a fine win in twelve hard fought innings. The start was spectacular against a familiar face, with Wade getting on second, Callum scoring him and Abbey getting Todd home and scoring on the Skipper's hit. Troy came off the mound after four, not knowing he would have to return after Joel reached his pitch limit later in the game. Richard hit in the third to get Ethan home, but then the fireworks started when the Bays streaked to the lead after successive homers. Joel got his own back when he put one over himself to bask in the glory of his first Div One home run. The game was tied at eight each after nine and, boy, it got real tense in the tenth and eleventh when we managed a single run. Nathan came on and held them one, two, three for a great win in the circumstances. Hits: Callum Park 4, Wade Moore 3, Craig Abbott, Ethan Marchioro, Richard Olsen, Tom Dineen 2, Todd Dunstall, Nathan Nicholson, Troy Nicholson, Joel Chapman (HR) 1.


Away v Glenelg 13.02.21

Lost 3-4 We were a bit stiff here, with the scores tight all day, and the Bays getting ahead in the seventh with a little blooper that scored two. We managed to peg them, back one run at a time, but couldn't quite make it. Rhys and Nathan put up a great fight on the mound, and a big thank-you to Doggy, who looked like he could still play at this level, and to Carly, who caught superbly. Hits: Jimmy Chu 2, Todd Dunstall, Rhys Owen, Jarrod Marsland 1.


Lost to West Torrens 4-14. The boys are still seeking that elusive win, and here's hoping it is not too far away.


They had a terrific win over the Angels 15-3 to firmly consolidate their finals appearance. Marso was in top form on the hill, and King K helped out at the death. The batting depth was apparent with eight hitters, being Cuz, Nick 2, and one each to Flash, Behr, The King, Marso, Cam and Dorny


Didn't have a lot of luck against the unbeaten, top of the table Angels and went down 1-15 with only Derek Milne getting two hits, and Casey Moore and Shane Lavida snaring one each. Any finals aspirations are now well and truly buried.


Game was played at Don Klarbe Field (at long last) in front of an appreciative crowd, and the girls did the right thing by beating their opponents from down south 14-3. Carly gave Darna a spell from the mound, and Darna revelled in the opportunity to star with four hits and a spectacular face plant at third. What does that dirt taste like? All in all, a terrific night, with the canteen and bar doing great business.. That's what we want. All the girls did their bit with the hitters being Darna Veen 4, Sarah McMahon 3, Carly Moore, Alyssa Lasscock 2, Leah Turner, Megan Brownbill (of the flashy shoes) 1.


Met their match against Kensington and lost 9-19, with no hits and plenty of errors. So it's onwards and upwards.


Had a great win over the Dodgers 12-10 and the pitching of Noah to start and Indie to close was terrific. The Dodgers had a tough pitcher, but our bats performed admirably and came from behind to score five in our last for the win. A KC against their last batter by Indie was a highlight, as was Matty's two run double earlier.


Lost to Adelaide 7-14. Sets up a great rivalry between these two teams. Luka home run, Ollie home run and Vince a double were the major points, and the pitching of Alice and Ollie who had four strikeouts each was real good stuff, as was the brick wall behind the plate - Dakota.


Beat the Redsox 8-5. Again a come from behind win and Archie and Remy were good on the mound, Felix notched up a homer, and Chace and Luke got into the act with hits as well. Kyla took a nice catch.


Once again, all played well.

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