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DIVISION ONE     Twilight 13.12.22     v     Port Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field     WON 10-3

We were in charge from the outset, scoring two in our first at bat when Troy N doubled and came home on a passed ball to kick us off.  The fireworks were yet to come, and Drew put one over for a two run homer, and two batters later Rackers lobbed one onto the exact same spot for another run, followed by a Joel double.  We got a further five in the next, when Drew hit his second bomb with Troy N on base, Rackers hit a double and Armando got to second and scored two.  All the while, Drew was on the mound helping himself to eleven strike-outs, and when he got the stitch, Cezar came on and did the rest.  A very fine win on the back of our disappointing performance the previous Saturday.  Hits  :  Drew Janssen (2HR) 3, Troy Nicholson, Luke Rackebrandt (HR) 2, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman, Troy Weinert 1.


Away 17.12.22     v     Sturt     Lost 1-13

Wow - their hitting was exceptional in their first at bat and they helped themselves to six runs, from which we never recovered sufficiently to make a game of it.  Their batting was crisp and clean and found the gaps every time, but our guys were not too shabby in defence and  went through the entire game only making two errors (the same as them), a credit to the guys under extreme pressure.  Some of our double plays in the latter innings were exceptional run savers, especially featuring Troy Nicholson and Todd Dunstall, and we live to fight another day when hostilities resume after Christmas.  DChap's rbi was our only saving grace - stopped us having to drop our daks.  Hits  :  A bit lean here - Wade Moore 2, Cesar Perez, Daniel Chapman 1.


Away 17.12.22     v     Sturt     Lost 2-3

First dig - hits to Finners, DChap, a walk, loaded bases - and left them there.  That was the first of four loaded base situations for the afternoon, one in the first, again in the fifth, and then two in the last when we at least managed to get two home to get within one run of tying the game but filled them up again with no result. Fair dinkum!  It's enough to make you weep.  Hits  :  Mitch Fienemann, Ryan Muggleton, Daniel Chapman, Tom Dineen 1.


Away 17.12.22     v Sturt     Lost 1-5

We lost this by all game getting people on base and not getting them to the most important part - home plate.  Happened all day  -  see above.  The only saving grace was a Carly double and a Jimmy Chu rbi.  Do you realise that in the three games against Sturt today, in the three grades, we managed only four runs.  Unbelievable.  The sun was out, the day was fine for both teams but one team thrived, and the another team dived.  A bit harsh - I think not.  Hits  :  Carly Moore (a double), Jimmy Chu, David Lodge, Aldo McCormack, Shane Brown 1.


At Home v Nth Districts     

Lost 11-14

 Getting ever so close to that elusive first win,  After being behind 0-11, the comeback was amazing - going down 11-14 in a nailbiter.   Great going guys.  Hits  :  And this is an impressive list - Owen Williams 3, Tim Fawcett, Andrew Eime, Justin Randall, Phil Zschorn. Craig Mortimore 2, Barry Eime, Andrew Sullivan 1.


At Home v Nth Districts     WON 10-9

Shrinking violet Marso doesn't want anyone to know that he was responsible for the walk off today.  But he is taking all the credit, and put it up on the Channel Seven News tonight.  Seriously, a great game that obviously went down to the final stages. Thank goodness the good guys won to keep them at the top of the table  Once again Casey was in control from the middle with five innings and the hitters were Nicko 3, Rev, Fitzy 2, Casey, Marso 1.  Crickey knows what's happening with the Magellan and the Ivan - can anyone tell me?


A good win  13-6 against the Angels at their ground to keep finals aspirations alive.  Unfortunately the ever reliable Judy was not on hand to provide the details of the win - she was probably shopping for my Christmas present.


DIVISION ONE     v     Glenelg away 18.12.22     WON 16-3

A comprehensive rout of last year's premiers for the third time this season.  The scores so far reflect our dominance  42-8, in the three games.  Darna was untouchable on the mound and was backed up by a mainly errorless defence.  There were some obvious special highlights in the game namely Carly's great popup catch, Carly and Darna hitting consecutive doubles and swapping places, Alyssa's two hit rbi and Amara's rbi.  No need for a relief pitcher in this game, as the two five run maximum innings shortened proceedings. Not a passenger in the lineup.  Hits  :  Darna BoersVeen, Sarah McMahon, Alyssa Lasscock, Carly Moore, Amara Quinn 1.

DIVISION TWO     v Port     

Lost by the smallest margin 11-12 in a contentious result.  Watch this space.  Alice had five strikeouts in a great display, and the hits were  :  Alice 2, Dakota, Christie, Di and Mel.



 Kept their winning streak alive and remain at the top of the ladder with a hard fought win against Goodwood 6-3. This was a real eye opener for this team who have done an incredible job for the first half of the season. Thanks to Chace who came up from U13 and hit a ripper to get 2RBI and the winning run! Hits: Noah, Alice, Haysey, Chace and Dakota all with 1 each  Pitching: Diesel 3 innings/5 strikeouts and Haysey 3 innings/9 strikeouts.


They played a hard fought game against Goodwood but went down 17-6. Good pitching from Remy Brooks and the highlight of the day was Bodhi’s big hit again to the outfield.


A really good win - actually untroubled against Sturt 10-0 with Archie hurling two strikeouts and Felix really knocking them dead at the end with nine (yes - nine) strikeouts.  Hits: Chace 3, Remy, Benji, Jacob, Luke, Felix 1.

U13-2 made the trip down south for the last game of the year. Unfortunately went down 14 -1. Ruby started well on the mound. Great base running by Ely, manufacturing their only run. Well down to Mochi for making his pitching debut.

U11  10-6 win at Gawler. Kylah was great on the mound, and Myles closed it down.  Myles and Kylah both had two hits and Olive held her own at first.

U10 were up bright and early ready to play H&G -  their aim before the game was to get at least 1 run - and they did it! Unfortunately, they went down 8-1 but they did their best! Thank you to Dad's Marco and Rueben who helped Shane out on the bench. 

T-Ball had their last session on Friday night with Shane - they had lots of fun as usual - the best part was the Christmas stocking at the end.  

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