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DIVISION ONE     V      Sth Districts

at Diamond Sports Park Sunday 26.03.23     

WON 13-4

Here it is folks - our first Woman's Premiership - and didn't they do it in style.  Clearly the stand out team for the season with most of our girls picked to compete in the Nationals next month. But the Hawk's girls gave it their best shot, and put us on the back foot early when they surprised us with two runs in the first, which were easily covered with our first at bat - in fact we were able to score in every inning, and it got heavier as the game progressed.  MVP Darna was at her absolute best from the hill, and she was well and truly backed up all day by a mean defence.  Ash's magical bunting (twice) was a standout to go with her triple in the second after Alyssa got two home in the first and Darna had an RBI in the second dig as well.  Then Leah got into the act after two walks, and knocked them both in and Carly was not going to be left out so she doubled and Amara got her home.  Darna got into a bit of balk trouble which let the opposition get a couple but we were not done, and four runs were piled on when Leah walked, Meggs hit and Ash loaded the bases to let Darna score two and another Carly double scored another as did Alyssa's hit. Ash came on to close and it was all over red rover in comprehensive fashion.  Hits  :  Ash George 3, Darna BoersVeen, Carly Moore, Alyssa Lasscock 2, Amara Quinn, Taylor McKay, Leah Turner, Megan BoersVeen 1.  (Don't hang 'em up Meggsie) 

Celebrations went on back at the Club, and the frivolity increased when a replay of the game was on the big screen.  The victorious Under 15 team was also included in a fantastic rendition of the Club song.


Grand Final at Don Klaebe Field v Adelaide Sunday 26.03.23     

WON 10-9 

The Angels got us early with three off the normally stingy Haysey, which made him take notice and tighten up for the rest of his stint.  Dakota's two RBI hit got us going and Jack and Diesel combined for a run, and a passed ball helped us out and we were 4-3 up until the fifth when another lead change saw us fall behind only to catch up and equalise when Haysey and Diesel combined for one and Dakota came good again with another two RBI's. Fingernails were being gnawed down, but we got a break when their pitcher balked in a run and then walked in another, but Adelaide persisted and scored twice also to tie it up with our last at bat to come.  Strangely, they intentionally walked our two most powerful batters (Haysey and Diesel) but then they walked in a run to end proceedings and give us the Premiership. Alice did the closing pitching in a very tense 3 hour game. Happy as.  Hits: Fallon, Ding 2, Van Dommele Stock, Oliver, Hayes 1 each.


Away v GGCD     

Lost 5-10

Went down in an intense Grand Final at Golden Grove - our guys were in front early and were unfortunately mowed down at the finish. Chace Wallis pitched well leading 5-1 when he came off the mound and some solid fielding by Luke Fawcett in the field was a highlight. This will not take anything away from this team who have had a stellar season, and there are players and coaches here who will make our Club proud in the future. Hits: A Wallis 2, Marshall 1 (dbl), Brooks, Hayes, Oliver 1 each

That's all folks   --  GODANATS !!









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