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Twilight Away v Port Tue 7.03.23

Draw 0-0

So we head off to the Port for the last game of the season with a couple of scenarios going on - namely we had to win to hold a slight chance of making finals if other results go our way, and Port had to win to stay in the final six. Guess what? a nil all draw did no-one any favours, and we missed out and the Maggies dropped out. Oh well, we have only ourselves to blame, as the form since Christmas was generally only average. Drew Janssen pitched a blinder of a game going the entire seven innings with fourteen strike-outs, but their pitchers restricted our batters to only the one hit - Nathan Nicholson. Poor old Armando copped one in the eye from an attempted bunt and had to go off in an ambulance - hope all is well, and we said goodbye to Rackers after a fine career at both Clubs. That's all for this season for the Div One boys, so we put our support behind the teams left in the finals - Div Two, Div Seven, Woman's Div One, U15's and U13-1.


Away v Sturt 11.03.23 Sat

WON 11-9 Div One out so we put all our weight behind the rest of our teams still competing. Sturt finished top and we were the sixth team, so an uphill battle was on the cards. Not to be - our guys were certainly up for the challenge, and in a fascinating game, we put them to the sword and prevailed. Kuhna and Todd put us on the map early when they both hit to score us the opener but the other crowd replied with two in the second and then one more in the third. Muggsy's double in the next evened the scores, but we were really looking dangerous and started knocking them about when Nat had a two RBI hit, AChap hit as did TJ, Muggsy doubled again and a sacfly by Kuhna completed a five run inning. Looking good! AChap furthered our advantage when he popped one over to score another three, but the home team rallied and almost caught us up in the eighth. We amassed sixteen hits in the win and used five pitchers - namely Joe, Tyson, Pappsy, Nat and Finners. Hits : Ryan Muggleton, Andrew Chapman (HR) 3, Nick Kuhn, Daniel Chapman, Mitch Fienemann 2, Todd Dunstall, Rhys Owen, Nathan Nicholson, Tyson Jarvis 1.


Finished their season with a 2-10 loss to Adelaide and other results didn't go our way. A solid improvement from our previous encounter with this team wasn't enough in the end, and although Sully and Casey battled manfully from the mound, a few early errors did not help. King was at his best with three hits, and Rev and Cuz chimed in with one each. Bigger and better next year, with a couple of injured warriors ready to come back.


DIVISION ONE v Sth Districts at Don Klaebe Field Sun 12.03.23

WON 10-6 Straight to the Grand Final for these girls, after a fantastic game in which both teams showcased what is the best in baseball. Pitching, hitting, base running , catching and general play, no to mention the fine respect both sides had for each other. A bit of sheer brilliance was on show in the first, when we stopped them scoring with a double play and we scored courtesy of a Darna single and a Carly double ( what would you expect?) Two in the second was countered by three from the southerners but we forged ahead again in the third when Taylor tripled and Leah hit for yet another RBI - wouldn't you know it, they came back with another two, but it was our turn, and five in the sixth made all the difference. Ash (man of the match - can I say that?) had an RBI as did Darna and an Alyssa double helped our cause. Terrific game to watch, and the large crowd in attendance were most appreciative. We pitched three - Taylor started, Ash relieved and Darna closed. Good work girls. Hits : Ash George 2, Darna BoersVeen, Carly Moore, Alyssa Lasscock, Taylor McKay, Leah Turner, Megan BoersVeen 1. Hope all is well with the knee Meggsie.


At Don Klaebe Field v GGCD

WON 13-1 A pretty comprehensive win against sixth placed GGCD. Haysy started a little sluggish and they got one off him - but that was the meddlies. Lights out from then on, and when Alice came on to relieve - it was ditto. Looking to next week. Hits : Oliver Van Dommele, Will Stock, Alice Brown, Oliver Hayes, Diesel Fallon, Jack Robson 1.

U13 -1

Lowered their colours out at Surrey Downs against a very raucous home team 0-6, but live to fight another day against Adelaide next week. Go get 'em.


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