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Twilight away v WTorrens Tue 28.02.23

Lost 4-5

We took an immediate liking to their pitcher with leadoff batter Muggsy hitting a nice double and Drew gave us a two run start when he brought him home with a towering homer over the centrefield fence.  Joel hit the fence in the next dig and Muggsy scored him, and things were looking rosy.  Until the fourth however, when we had a nightmare of an inning and conceded five unearned runs with walks and errors combining to put us well behind the eightball.  Finners tried hard to rectify the situation when he popped one over the fence to put us just the one run behind, but we couldn't close the gap which puts paid to finals participation I think.  Cesar closed in fine fashion and the hits were  :  Ryan Muggleton 2, Drew Janssen (HR), Mitch Fienemann (HR), Kieren Pett, Joel Chapman 1


At Don Klaebe Field Sat 4.03.23 v Kensington     WON 8-2

Tyson McKee was on the mound producing easily his best performance for the season, restricting their hitters to one run through six innings.  They scored one run in the second and we equalled in the fourth courtesy of a Wade double and RBI.  But we weren't ready for the fireworks in the seventh when one of their dudes put one over the fence and flipped his bat almost into our dugout and blew us kisses on his way round.  Talk about a red rag to a bull, as players and spectators reacted instantly, and it was the start of a spirited seven run inning of ours that proved to be the winner.  Callum doubled to rightfield, Joel doubled, Muggsy and Drew both had RBI's and Troy N put on three with the best and most timely home run in ages.  Thanks pal, and it would have been gracious if that guy had made it onto the field for the final handshake.  Reminiscent of the old Terry Millwood days.   Cesar finished them off in the final two.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson (HR), Wade Moore, Joel Chapman 2, Drew Janssen, Callum Park 1.  Still in with a chance - see what happens at the Port on Tuesday.


At Don Klaebe Field Sat 4.03.23 v Kensington   

WON 13-3

This encounter was a walk in the park for our boys, as Joe Chapman and Mitch Fienemann had no trouble keeping the Cardinals' batters in check, whilst we managed five in the first and eight in the fourth.  The Kensi boys completely lost their radar, and walks were the order of the day, so much so that the mercy rule was brought in to play.  Made the finals these guys, so good luck in ensuing weeks.  Hits  :  Nick Kuhn 2, Mitch Fienemann, Rhys Owen, Joe Papps, Armando Ramirez 1.


At Don Klaebe Field Sat 4.03.23 v Kensington     WON 4-3

Jarrod and Two-hit Tommy both hit in the first to post two, and good defence got us out of trouble a couple of times, but we were not too clever in the fourth when we loaded the bases with none out and failed to score.  In the bottom of the last, Doggy hit and we had a runner on third, and their pitcher clearly balked to bring us the winning run.  Bad luck we just missed out on finals action.  Hits  :  Breandon Taheny, Shane Brown 2, Tom Dineen, David Lodge, Jose Ramirez 1.


Away v Port     

Lost 3-17

Got through the season without a win, but had fun and really brought some new blood into the Club which augers well for the future.  Hits  :  Flash, Josh Boden, Andrew Eime, Phil Zschorn 1.


Away v WTorrens

WON 19-11 

Seventeen hits tell the story of this finals bound team of high achievers.  Defense has to be tightened up a bit, but that will happen with  diligent practice sessions I'm sure.  The pitchers, namely Sully, Casey and King all had a good workout in the lead-up to finals, but we closed for the first (and I am reliably told) the last time by Noel "Nolan Ryan" Watson.  Hits  :  Dorny, Nicko, Casey 3, Cuz, King 2, Watto, China, Sully and Fitzy.


At Don Klaebe Field Sat 4.03.23     

Lost 6-17

The excitement machine won't play finals this time, but they are a hoot to watch - you never know what you will get.  The all stealing, all running Sturt got the jump on us in the first, and try as we may, they were out of sight.  Hits  :  Derek Milne, Shane Nicholson, Hoony 2, Greg Ox, Kim Soung, Matt Davey 1.



Away v Sturt Sun 5.03.23     

Draw 5-5

Probably a fitting result in this rain affected game, as the pitchers were handed a cake of soap to deal with, and found the going difficult. Carly walked in the first, stole and Darna's sacfly got her home, but the home side got on top with three in the second.  Third, and almost ditto - Carly got on with a hit, Darna hit, Ash hit, Smack hit and we put on two and with terrific defence we went to the last all square at 3-3.  Ash and Smack both brought in runs and we were two up and the rain caused a delay, and with thunder and lightning all around, the Sturt girls got the two runs needed for the draw.  Darna, Ash and Taylor battled hard from the mound.  Hits  :  Ash George 2, Carly Moore, Darna BoersVeen, Sarah McMahon, Leah Turner, Catie Berry 1.  Finished on top of the ladder.


At Don Klaebe Field Fri 3.03.23     

WON  7-4

Good fighting win which really exemplified their desire for the contest.  Indy, Di and Alice were the pitchers, and after giving the Dodgers' girls a four run start in the first, we held them for the rest, and came rattling home to walk them off.  No finals for this team, but they certainly held their own all season.  A credit to them and their coaches.  Hits  :  Indie 2, Christie, Dakota, Mel 1.  Great mix of youngies and the more mature.


U15 - had another big win, this time against GGCD 21-0.  Finished top.

U14 - beaten by Goodwood 1-17.

U13-1 defeated Goodwood 11-5 to cement their place in finals.

U13-2 were defeated by Goodwood 1-20.

U11 - had a terrific win against one of the top sides to finish their season on a high 6-5.

U10 - lost 0-8 to Goodwood.

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