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Twilight     v     Sturt away 3.01.23     

Lost 0-10

Talk about been there done that - they did a number on us the week before Christmas, and here we are at their home ground again copping a similar belting with nothing changing.  Fair dinkum, their hitting was just as positive as it was previously, but our defence was poorer this time, which enabled them to close the game early - namely mercy in five.  We had a great squad rock up for the game - great to see - but after we restricted them to one in their first, the floodgates opened and they hit, hit, hit and combined with an error ridden inning, all of a sudden they had nine on the board.  A couple of positives - Josh Tols and Todd VanSteensel played an inning each to help qualify for finals, and Joe Chapman made his Div One debut for the Senators toward the end of the game, and can hold his head high.  Hits  :  All at the back end of the game - Wade Moore, Armando Ramirez, Daniel Chapman. 


Twilight     v     ETorrens     5.01.23     at Don Klaebe Field     

Lost 2-5

Drew and his counterpart on the mound were holding both sets of batters at bay, in fact there were only two hits recorded up to the middle of the fifth (both by ET), and no runs until Weiny's educated bunt advanced runners and Ethan's ground ball hit up the middle scored two.  Runs at last - but the elation was shortlived as we gifted them four in the sixth with errors contributing greatly.  Up to Christmas we were on top of the pile for runs scored, but have now scored only five in our last three games.  Watch out for a flood of runs coming soon.   Drew went the distance in a fine display, and Wade Moore was our only batter to record a hit with one. 


away     v     Kensington    7.01.23     

WINS 6-1, 11-2, 7-2 respectively.

A long time since we have gone up to play on the putting green and come home with three comprehensive wins.  So we will do this in chronological order.


WIN  7-2

Tyson was in control - in fact he went the distance - and never looked like flagging.  There was a fun rundown in the second before Rhys put one over, but a crucial moment came in the fourth when the other mob loaded the bases with none out out, but we got out of jail with aplomb and just good baseball.  We got a couple more when Rhys stole (?) and Aldo put up a sac fly.  This set the scene for the day.  Hits  :  Breandon Taheny 3, Carly Moore, Jarod Marsland 2, Rhys Owen(HR), Jimmy Chu, Shane Brown 1.


WIN  11-2

Got off to a rollicking start with Finners  searing one down the third base line, and Kuhna following up to score one, in fact one run in each of the first three digs.  But the fourth belonged to Muggsy with his three run double, and a blinding diving catch and putout from first.  Mean old Joe Chapman was knocking them dead at this stage, going five, and Finners hadn't finished and knocked in a couple more.  They got two consolation runs at the end, but no worries, the damage had well and truly been done.  Hits  :  Mitch Fienemann, Armando Ramerez 2, Nick Kuhn, Ryan Muggleton, Todd Dunstall, Joe Papps, Tyson Jarvis 1.


WIN 6-1

Kendo got one in the first, but that was the shut out point.  No more.  Tyson McKee was superb from then on going deep into the final inning and setting the platform for some good baseball from our guys.  Drew doubled in the fourth, and a Callum bunt enabled us to put a score on the board to equal   Our runs were coming, but we really lit up the game in the eighth when Drew (who said earlier he could put one over the short fences) and Troy Nicholson hit two bombs off consecutive pitches.  Rarely seen at this level.  A real comprehensive win, in fact three wins that showed where we are at.  Hits   :  Drew Janssen (HR) 3, Troy Nicholson (HR), Daniel Chapman, Callum Park, Ryan Muggleton 1. A very satisfying day in the summer weather.  Like I said before, always good to come home victorious.  Another game on Tuesday twilight, this week against Nth Districts - so that's four in a week.  Pity the pitchers.  Incidently - congratulations to Joel, Kahlia and the kids on the arrival of Toby Peter.


Played Sth Districts at home and went down 11-14 in Justin Randall's one hundredth game - congrats Justin.  He pitched well in relief also, not conceding a run.  Hits  :  Owen Williams, Justin Randall 3, Andrew Eime (solid triple), Nate Oliver, Phil Zschorn 2, Josh Boden, Josh Mignone, Casey Moore 1.


Defeated Sth Districts 5-4 to remain undefeated and on top of the ladder.  Did it the hard way with a flurry of runs at the end to take the win. Div Hits  :  Fitzy, Cuz, Nicko, China, Casey, Rev, Dorny & Flash one each.  Sully was great on the mound and Casey cleaned up.


Battled manfully away against H&G with eight players, and lost narrowly 8-13.  Hits  :  Aaron Petros, Mike Chemny 2, Matt Davey, Dave Ding, Shane Lodge 1.


DIVISION ONE At Sth Districts     

Lost 7-8

Great day in the sun at Christie Downs, but we were always behind the eight-ball in this one with three from our main starting line-up still on Christmas breaks.  We have never had our top  nine against this team, but time will tell.  Darna started from the middle in her usual fine form, but the strike zone became a keyhole as the game went on, and the home side seemed to enjoy our misfortune.  We made up ground in the last before an early time was called, knocking in four to just fall one short.  However the game was lost in the first, when we had bases loaded and left them all out there lamenting.  Hits  :  Carly Moore, Alyssa Lasscock (who's last dig triple nearly tipped the game our way) 2, Ash George, Leah Turner 1.

DIVISION TWO     At Goodwood     

Lost 9-10

Gutsy performance by the girls, who, the majority of them, are on school holidays at the moment.  The pitching trio of Alice, Indy and Dakota was terrific, and they will be breaking through for more wins very soon.

JUNIORS - resume Jan 22.                 


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