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Twilight  Away v Glenelg Tue 21.02.23     

Lost 1-5

What a dreary game on which to have to report.  For two reasons - the first being that we lost to the second bottom side in Glenelg, and the second that we played like I have not seen for a long while, and don't particularly want to see again.  The one and only highlight occurred in the first when Wade walked and Cesar hit to put him on second - end of highlight reel.  Tyson McKee started and did three, TVS managed one, and Cesar, who is improving his pitching every outing, pitched three scoreless innings.  A couple of monumental errors concluded a forgettable night.  Since Christmas, we find ourselves on the slippery slope out of finals.  Four to go - have to win them all.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson, Cesar Perez, Daniel Chapman, Nathan Nicholson. 


At Don Klaebe Field v Goodwood  Sat 25.02.23     

WON 6-4

What a turnaround from Tuesday's lacklustre effort when we outscored the Indians in a crackerjack game to keep the finals aspirations  up and alive.  Cesar bunted in the first frame and it was profitable as one run came in followed by another on an error.  They had to wait until the fourth for their first off Drew in his 6.1 innings stint with ten strikeouts, but they sneaked a couple in the seventh to become scary.  Drew silenced them with a two run homer after Nathan got on courtesy of another error and the breathing got a lot easier.  Cesar chimed in with one inning and Tyson McKee finished.  A meritorious win.  Had it not been for the tireless effort of Shane Nicholson and his small band of helpers, this game and all others on our home ground would most probably not have been able to have taken place, as the bases, mound and home-plate were in a trecherous condition after overnight rain, and two tons of earth were required in a hurry. Thanks to Adamis.  Hits  :  Drew Janssen - HR - (just off the plane from his brother's wedding in Belgium), Troy Nicholson 2, Callum Park, Cesar Perez, Nathan Nicholson 1.


At Don Klaebe Field v Goodwood Sat 25.02.23     

WON 6-4

The game began at breakneck pace with six batters trecking back to the dugouts  in record time.  Joey Papps stayed a bit longer and hit a monster two run dinger in the second, but we had to stave off an Indian comeback and Kuhna was just the man for the job when he bobbed up on third, and his and Toddy's RBI's got our noses in front.  Finner's two run hit helped a lot towards the win, as did Pappsy's base running - in trouble at first, then second and then more strife at third.  Survived them all.  Hits  :  Mitch Fienemann, Joe Papps (HR) 2, Todd Dunstall, Rhys Owen, Andrew Chapman 1.  Joe Chapman and Nathan Nicholson were the men on the mound who held them.


At Don Klaebe Field v Goodwood Sat 25.02.23   

Lost 1-4

One lousy inning - the second - and they put four on and that was the game.  Jimmy Chu provided a bit of excitement with a double, but there was no-one behind him to take advantage.  Apart from that, we didn't get too many on base at all, until Carly got a nice hit off the veteran John Challinor.  Tyson was steady in his five digs and Doggy cleaned them up.  Hits  :  Tom Dineen (Two-hit Tommy) 2, James Chu, Amando Ramiraz, Carly Moore, Jarrod Marsland 1.  Welcome home from Mexico Amando and Jose.


Lost 0-17 with Eddie Ansell, Josh Mignone, Andrew Eime and Flash all getting one hit.


Scheduled to play at Flinders University, but no dice as the ground was unplayable.


Lost to Glenelg on the back diamond 7-13 due to the boys trying to get the main diamond up and running.  Kim Soung took full advantage of this by hitting a home run and a triple, and Derek Milne, David Ding, Mike Chemny, Tony Tuttle, Matt Davey, Kim Hoony and Shane Lodge all hit singles.



Away v Adelaide Sun 26.02.23     

WON 16-1

First dig went like this  -  Carly caught out, Darna hit, Ash walk, Smack walk, Alyssa walk, Amara HPB, Taylor hit, Megs hit, Carly (second appearance) hit, for the maximum five runs.  Second dig - only two runs with three left out there, third and the maximum again when Darna hit a sac fly and a big hit fromTaylor, and four in the last with Catie whacking a double and Taylor hitting the leftfield fence.  Some of our defence was exceptional, and once again we used one pitcher per innings - namely Amara, Ash, Smack and Taylor.  Hits  :  Taylor McKay 3, Sarah McMahon, Megan BoersVeen 2, Carly Moore, Darna BoersVeen, Ash George, Alyssa Lasscock, Catie Berry 1.


Lost to Kensington 11-2

The ladies started well and it was a close battle for the first couple of innings. Alice held them to 1 run and then things went pear shaped in the third innings when we made too many errors and didn’t support Dakota on the mound. Bats were kept quiet all night and our runs were from walks and pass balls. 



Had a convincing win 22-0 - Great pitching by Oliver Hayes and finished off with Alice Brown. (Oliver 3 innings 8 strike outs and Alice 1 innings  2 strike outs) Thorough team effort. Hits: Oliver Hayes 4, Will Stock 2 hits with a triple, Alice Brown & Matthew Nanasi 2 hits, Oliver Van Dommele, Noah Atkinson, Indie O’Hazy Zschorn, Dakota Ding and Benji Hayes 1 hit each. 


Lost to Port 21-2 All pitchers tried hard. Luke started and took a nice catch on the foul line, then Will Stock came in and did really well striking out 4 hitters and then Rikki Lee finished off at the end of the game after taking two nice catches.  The Port Adelaide team are in 2nd place and hit pretty well. Hits: Luke Fawcett 2, Bodhi Forward, Will Stock, Xavier Gower and Max Clutterham 1 each. 


Lost to H&G 11-6 We started off well and then let the pressure get the best of us. Regardless of the outcome there were some shining moments including Benji Hayes and Anton Kumar both hitting fantastic triples. 



Defeated Adelaide 9-8 after needing the maximum five in the last to win.  Great team effort after Ruby Webber was injured in the first and Remy Nixon-Smith had to catch, and Max Clutterham threw three quality innings. 


Tried hard, eventually going down 11-4. Great to see a nice double from Isaac Dorian, and Bodhi Ansell struck out 3 batters in the 1st innings. Hits: Isaac Dorian  2, Bodhi Ansell and Sebastien Marinoff 1 


Had a great game with Hugo leading the way with a safe hit and throwing the first innings for a shut out. We were 3-0 up and looking great. H&G came back with 2 -3 run innings to go 6-3 up and we only managed to score another 2 to go down by the narrowest of margins 6-5. Great game - the closest they’ve been to a win all year. 

Last Minor Round games this week and then some of our teams are off to the finals.

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