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Twilight away v Nth District 29.11.22     

WON 10-0

Missed this one - getting my ears deafened by Guns'n'roses, but Weiny told me he put one over, and Joel pitched the five innings required for the win.


At Don Klaebe Field v West Torrens 3.12.22     WON 9-7

A very feisty affair this one, starting straight from the get-go when one of their guys was ejected in the first dig for umpire abuse, and a melee was averted later in the game by wise heads.  They jumped us getting three, but we didn't take long to reply, with a Troy N two bagger, a Drew single and a Cesar homer.  3-3 after one.  A grand slam in the fourth set us back on our heels a bit, but we did what we do best - knuckle down and chip away at their lead and it wasn't long before Drew scored Ethan and a Weiny sac fly put us in front.  We really put the brakes on them, with Drew keeping them to zero in the last five digs.  Joel took a marvellous morale boosting catch at rightfield, almost finishing off in the kid's playground.  A great catch and a great win.  Hits  :  Drew Janssen 4, Ethan Marchioro, Troy Nicholson, Callum Park, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman 2, Cesar Perez (HR), Luke Rackebrandt 1.


 At Don Klaebe Field v West Torrens 3.12.22     Draw 6-6

 Tight game all day, with Joe controlling them from the mound until they got four in the fourth, but we hung in there scoring runs regularly and went into the last all square.  We certainly had our chance to clinch the game with Todd, Pappsy and Armando all hitting - but unfortunately - no runs.  A draw.  Hits  :  Mitch Fienemann, Nick Kuhn, Todd Dunstall, Joe Papps 2, Daniel Chapman, Armando Ramirez 1.


At Don Klaebe Field v West Torrens 3.12.22     Lost 3-9

We both scored a couple each in the second, and should have scored a few more with Kossi scorching around the bases, but we got behind when they skipped away in the fifth with five runs - a task too hard to reel in.  Hits  :  Kosuke Ikeda 2, Jose Ramirez, David Lodge, Josh Boden, Toby Kortekaas (who did a great job behind the dish) 1.


Went down 4-11 to East Torrens.  Surely a win is just around the corner.  Hits  :  Casey Moore, Owen Williams, Andrew Eime 2, Tim Fawcett, Aldo McCormack, Phil Zschorn, Phil Perkinson 1.


Continued on their winning way and with Casey going five allowing Sully to mop up, where could they go wrong?  Defeated East Torrens 8-2, and as an extra bonus, found a new outfielder.  They did all their good work late in the game with the bats, with Nat (a triple) and Fitzy both hitting  twice, and Watto, Cuz, Sully, Dorny and Casey contributing one each.


Lost to Sturt at Don Klaebe Field 10-12 in a game that was lost in the early going.  They nearly made up the difference in a great fightback, an just failed to make it.  One Sturt guy hit a rare (in this grade) home run, which we didn't need, but our boys, to their credit, just kept plugging away.  Hits  :  Derek Milne, Greg Oxenham, Aaron Petros 2, Matt Davey, Shane Nicholson, Shane Lodge 1.



Defeated Adelaide away 12-1 in what was virtually a one horse race.  Darna threw four, and Amara cleaned up in the last.  We played quality baseball, as evidenced by a clinical double play in the second when Amara threw to Smack who pinpointed Taylor for the inning ending two outs.    Amara again picked up rbi's in the third, and then Louise, Smack and Taylor all hit for a couple more, but this was topped off with a four run fifth dig.  Hits  :  Amara Quinn 3, Taylor McKay 2, Carly Moore, Sarah McMahon, Alyssa Lasscock, Leah Turner, Megan Boers-Veen 1.


Lost to GGCD 3-11 away after leading early in the game. Errors in the field didn't help our pitchers.  Plenty of potential here - it will emerge. Hits - Indie Dbl, Alice 1, Toni A 1. Alice 6 strikeouts in 3 innings for 1 run.  


U(15) Junior League 

Defeated Adelaide 6-5. 

After some runaway wins in previous matches, the boys and girls didn't have it all their own way for a change and had to fight out a meritorious  win to stay unbeaten at the top of the table. Hits - Diesel 3 Dbls (2 were nearly HRs just missing by the tiniest of margins), Haysey 2, Ollie V 1 and Remy 1.

U14 Intermediate League just lost to Southern Districts 8-7 in a tight tussle all day. Fantastic pitching from Chace (5 Strikeouts over 3 innings) and Felix (3 strikeouts for 2 innings)  who were filling in this week for the U14s. Only 1 hit to Riley S. ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT of the day was Chace's catch off his own pitching - nearly at the opposition dugout - absolutely outstanding!

U13(1) at home v Kensington WON 15-8. 

Took until the last few innings, but when we powered away, there was no stopping us.  Remy, Benji and Max all had single hits and Felix managed an in the park home run, Luke took a great catch and turned it into a double play to end the game, and Remy struck out four.

U13(2) away to the Dodgers and came home losing 3-15.  Max hit a cracking triple, and Eli made his pitching debut.U11 Minor League  Went to Northern Districts and won 5-0.  Kylah (five Strikeouts), Bodhi and Myles all pitched well, Bodhi had three hits, Kylah two and Myles had one.  Myles also took a fine catch to end the game.

U10 Mini League v Goodwood at home - going down 4-0. These kids come out with enthusiasm every week playing against kids way bigger than them. They'll get a win - it's coming!

T-Ball joined in the fun on Sunday - changing their program from Friday to Sunday for a change - it was great seeing the little kids in their special yellow T-Ball tops amongst the bigger Juniors. They have fun every week - the highlight was the ice cream at the end!



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