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Twilight at Don Klaebe Field v E.Torrens 8.12.20

Lost 0-6

Joel Chapman put in a fine performance for 6.1 innings, leaving the mound at 0-2. That sounds about right for the final result, as our bats were not contributing as they should, but the Redsox boys sneaked in a couple of runs at the end. Disappointing result. Hits: One each to Wade Moore, Daniel Chapman and Craig Abbott.

Home at Don Klaebe Field v Nth. Districts 12.12.20

WON 7-3

We kicked off nicely with three in the first and couple more in the second to secure a handy lead, and with Will keeping them scoreless for five innings, and the batters doing their bit, a win was imminent. The Nicholson brothers closed and that was all she wrote. Hits: Troy Nicholson 3, Mitch Fienemann, Andrew Chapman 2, Ryan Muggleton, Nathan Nicholson, Craig Abbott, Brayden Marchioro 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field v Nth. Districts

WON 6-5

We scored in the first to establish an early lead, and with Tyson hurling six almost flawless and scoreless innings, we were looking the goods. We jumped on a pitching change to notch four in the sixth, but the Red's equalled in their last to make our last at bat crucial. Abbey hit, Todd walked and Joel hit to achieve the walk-off. Hits: One each to Todd Dunstall, Joel Chapman, James Chu, Carly Moore and Craig Abbott. Harrison Kiss seemed targeted at second, and came through with flying colours.


I'm dying to say "had a win", but alas they went down 1-14.


Won up at Golden Grove 12-7 in a game that was highlighted by a Marso bomb (short boundary) and the tight pitching of King Kortekaas, and all round smart hitting. Hits: Cuz, Behr, Sully, Flash, Stinky, Dorney 2, Marso (HR), King K, Cam 1.


Also had a win at the expense of Golden Grove 13-2 on the back of Casey Moore's all the way effort on the mound. The boys all hit well and the defence was superb I'm told.


Recorded a loss against the Saints, who they beat earlier in the season, 7-12. Sarah McMahon hit twice as did Darna Veen, and Catie Berry, Kenzie McGeorge, Megan Boers and Leah Turner once each.


Played two games for the week, a loss to Kensington on Wednesday evening and a journey down to Southern Districts on Sunday.


Both teams (Woodville and Senators) played two games for the week with the Woodville team recording a win and a loss, whilst the Senators outfit came away from the week with two wins under their belts.


Had a terrific win over Glenelg 7-0. More hard work coming up these last weeks before Christmas with games galore for most grades.

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