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DIVISION ONE vs Sth. Districts at Don Klaebe Field - Twilight 11.02.20     

WON 13-3

Good effort from Gary, going the distance and collecting three hits along the way, in a game in which everybody contributed.  We scored early, which is always nice, with two coming home on Troy's hit, but we really hit our straps in the fourth, scoring six, with their pitcher helping out with a couple of walked-in runs.    Nat was catching everything coming his way at first and then Gary slapped one for a triple and a RBI and Troy got him home, only to have his brother put one over the fence to score both of them.  Hits  :  Gary Owens 3, Troy Nicholson 2, Ethan Marchioro, Nathan Nicholson (HR), Jimmy Chu, Wade Moore, Jackson Sowton, Tom Dineen 1.

DIVISION ONE vs Kensington at Don Klaebe Field 16.02.20     

Lost 1-8 Apart from a run given up in the first, Nat held the Kensi big hitters scoreless until they eventually broke out in the seventh inning.  A good defensive effort on our boys' behalf, with a couple of fine double plays showing off some skill.  Nat pitched well, gave way for Will for a couple, and then Ethan closed, but, all in all, their batting strength just wore us down in the end.  Hits  :  Ethan Marchioro, Gary Owens, Callum Park, Nathan Nicholson, Wade Moore 1.

DIVISION TWO vs Kensington 16.02.20     

Lost 8-13 We missed some chances in the first, giving up four and played catch-up for the remainder of the game.  Vic pitched four and gave way for Troy just in time for us to have a rally in the fourth.  Ash, Vic, Pete Drover and Tom all hit to notch up five and we were level at seven all, but the Cardinals again powered away for the win.  Hits  :  Tom Dineen 3, Peter Drover, Ash Miller 2, Jackson Sowton, Troy Nicholson, Will Kortekaas, Vic Bentvelzen 1.  Finals looking dodgy.


Lost with all the damage being done early.  A good fightback couldn't provide a win.

DIV SIX had a tough fight on their hands up at Playford City, and with Marso pitching the game and leading a very efficient defence, they went on to take the two points  6-4.  Let's hope the injury woes clear up a bit now that finals are just around the corner.  Hits  :  Tim Fawcett, Teakle, Marso 2, Behr, Cam 1.  Our ex Pres made an appearance and the boys put him to work at rightfield - did ok.


An extremely good team win with contributors all over the park in this 14-3 result.  Casey Moore continued his improvement on the mound, and hits came from Noel (Superbat) Watson 3, Mike Chemny, Shane Lodge 2, Derek Milne, Aaron Petros, Casey Moore, Keith Mortimore, Tony Brownbill, Tim Fawcett 1.  No - Terry didn't hit in either game.


A satisfying win over Kensington away 18-0, and then treated to Valentine's gifts after the game.  Does not get any better.  All the girls did their bit in a top display.  Hits  :  Leah Turner, Ashleigh George 3, Rachel Coutie, Carly Moore, Tammy McMillan, Alyssa Lasscock, Catie Berry 2, Kerryn Fry 1.  Gearing up for finals.


Also gearing up for finals, but didn't need this result at this stage.  Let's hope tha lessons are learnt.  Lost to Henley and Grange 4-8.  Hits  :  Cody Tape, Owen Williams 2, Aldo McCormack 1.  Nice catch Cody!!


Lost to Sturt 10-8. Not too bad considering the scoreline at one stage was 1-10.  A pretty good comeback for the boys and girls.  Hits  :  Toby Kortekaas, Zach Stanmeyne, Ben Bynoe and Dash Carpenter all one each.


Had a win over Kensington with Remy nominated as pitcher of the day striking out two.  Oliver also had two and Lincoln featured in an unassisted out with the hitters being Matthew, Noah, Oliver, Alice and Jacob.  Well done all.

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