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Three of our teams pulled on the green and gold of the Woodville Senators to do battle in Preliminary Finals over the weekend.  We didn't have the success we had hoped for, but all teams acquitted themselves fantastically well and were a credit to themselves and their Club.

Firstly, on Friday evening down at the Bay, our WOMEN'S LEAGUE Div One team took on Glenelg, and in a quality game which was called because of bad light at 5-5, we lost due to Glenelg's superior position on the ladder - one spot.  The girls got off to a brilliant start, posting four runs in the first with first class hitting.  However the hits started to dry up after that start, and the Bays clawed back one run at a time and we saw ourselves one down at 4-5 with the sunlight quickly leaving us.  We got a run to equalise, but time was called.  Great effort from our girls and they did us proud - a really enjoyable season.  Darna did the bulk of the pitching in this game, as she has done all year, and Tammy closed.  The hits were: Tammy 3, Leah, Carly, Ashleigh 2, Louise, Alyssa, Catie 1.  Onwards and upwards for this team in the future.


Lost to East Torrens 2-8,  having played the bulk of the game in a stalemate at 1-1 for six innings.  We got our first in the third when Tim and Behr hit to score Scotty Geyer, and we scored our only other run in the last when the chips were really down, trying to bridge the gap.  The problem was in the bottom of the sixth, when three bleeders in a row loaded the Redsox' bases, and scored a run.  They capitalised on their good luck and went on to score a few more and effectively shut us out.  So that's the end of a good season, with the boys coming up a grade from their premiership last year in Div Seven, a fine effort.  Hits: Scotty Geyer 2 (and a Hammy), Flash, Cam, Teaks 1.  Great work on the mound Marso.


Lost to Sturt 7-8.  Exit Coach Owens (home to USA) and enter two Marchioro's and a Nicholson.  Well done guys.  The boys certainly came to play and notched up four in the first, and when JVS got home on Owen's RBI and Blake scored on a passed ball, we had six after two.  They got three, and could had a few more but for some good D on our part.  Things were tight and runs hard to come by, but Sturt edged closer and it was a tied up ball game at the end of the scheduled seven.  So, extra innings it was, and we didn't score and Sturt managed to steal their way to a one run victory.  Bad luck lads - you did really well.  Hits: Johnny Van Senden 2 (and five solid innings on the mound), Harrison Kiss 1 (and two innings), Owen Williams 1 ( and one inning)

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