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DIVISION ONE vs Goodwood - Twilight away 25.02.20     

WON 10-7

Very nice to score two out of two over the Indians for the season.  Gary started, and the boys in the defence made him work hard in the first two innings by not capitalising on opportunities, but we fared better with bats in hand, with Nat getting Gary home in the first with a double, and then Gary scoring again in the third off Troy's hit and Jacko's sac fly getting Ethan home.  It was in the fourth that it all came together with four runs when Todd, Troy and Ethan all hit, they intentionally walked Gary, Nat got a few home with another hit, and after Fidge was forced to sit, Jacko's second sac fly for the evening saw in another.  We got another three next dig to go to a good lead, but, Goodwood being Goodwood, they put on three with a homer off Rhett who had come in for Gary.  In the gathering gloom, Todd and Tom combined to score, but it didn't count as the umpire correctly called time because of the light.  The score reverted to a 10-7 win. Hits: Gary Owens, Troy Nicholson 3, Ethan Marchioro, Nathan Nicholson 2, Wade Moore, Todd Dunstall, Tom Dineen, James Chu 1.

DIVISION ONE vs GGCD Away 1.03.20     

WON 8-3 Rhett started and they got one off him courtesy of a wicked bounce at third that nearly took Tom's head off, and after Jacko had put one on, Troy's two RBI hit put us in front. The Dodgers came back with a couple in the sixth and we were only two up, not enough to be comfortable.  This was a good test for young Will, and he threw a pair of good innings for no score, and with Gary closing them out, we got three in the last to enable us all to breathe a bit easier.  It doesn't really make up for our poor effort at the same venue earlier in the season, but it certainly felt better.  Hits: Troy Nicholson 3, Callum Park, Jackson Sowton, Tom Dineen 2, Gary Owens, Ethan Marchioro, Todd Dunstall 1.

DIVISION TWO vs GGCD Away 1.03.20   

Lost 2-6 Jacko put on a show for us in the first, running like a jackrabbit between second and third in a run-down play and eventually being safe, only to score our first run.  Vic did two, then Rhys came on and did the remainder.  He was confident enough to intentionally walk a batter to load the bases at one stage and then produce the goods.  Mid game we gave up four with some ordinary mental errors making life hard for the pitcher.  We introduced Ashleigh George into the game with immediate results with her first-up hit, and then Wade popped one over the left-field fence in the last for our second run.  Season over for these guys, but they gave us a great ride for the year.  Hits: Jackson Sowton 2, Troy Nicholson, Jarrod Marsland, Travis Joblin, Ashleigh George, Wade Moore (HR), Tom Dineen 1.

DIVISION FOUR finished their season with a loss.  It's been a tough year for the boys, but their good humour shone through all year.

DIVISION SIX had a long haul up to Gawler and after giving up six in the first, went three innings at seven runs each to record a 21-8 victory.  A couple of other match results meant that we finished in fourth position, thus avoiding a dreaded Wednesday evening game.  Hits: Cam Britcher excelled with four, Behr had three, Scott Geyer, Garry Marsland and Flash got two each, and Rev, Sully and Knuckles got one.  Scotty Currie pitched, but did a Timmy Russell running to home plate.

DIVISION SEVEN also finished the season, but with a well earned win over Gawler 9-6, meritorious because we had only eight players.  Casey Moore was terrific, pitching most of the game and hitting two triples and a double, with Flash hitting two, and Derek Milne, Aaron Petros, Craig Mortimore and Keith Mortimore each contributing one.  Keith claims (and he would know) that he went through the entire season without a K.

WOMAN'S LEAGUE  defeated Port Adelaide 13-0 to give them third spot on the ladder and a home final.  It was worth the price of admission when Darna put on a show for us, stopping half way down to home plate, turning around only to find third occupied, then darting back and forth until face-planting on the plate - out!  Darna and Ashleigh both hit in the park home runs in an all round great display.  Hits: Darna Veen (HR), Catie Berry 2, Rachel Coutie, Ashleigh George (HR), Tammy McMillan, Megan Brownbill 1.

UNDER 17 Lost to Goodwood 6-8, but will be playing finals.  Gary threw the team around a bit, so we can expect better things from this point.  Hits: Blake O'Brien 2, Harrison Kiss, Aldo McCormack, Owen Williams 1.

UNDER 13 played Sturt at Flinders University and recorded a final win for the season 10-7.  Toby pitched and had a hit, whilst Ben had two and Kayla and Indy had one each.  Unfortunately these guys will not be playing finals - this year.

UNDER 11 also defeated Sturt 11-4.  Are playing finals - all venues and dates and times to be advised.  Fantastic hitting in this game, all the hard work is paying off.  Matthew hit a homer, Ollie belted a double and Dakota got two hits, whilst Jacob, Archie and Chase all got one.  What about Ollie - two shutout innings and a slide at home.  Good luck in the finals kids.

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