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DIVISION ONE Twilight away v Glenelg Tue 30.01.24     

Lost 1-2

You always come away from the Bay with a bitter taste in your mouth after a poor loss.  The game from our point of view never reached a standard that we are used to, and certainly the batting was on the nose until it miraculously came to life in the seventh (last) dig when we were chasing two.  Troy, Finners and Wade all got on base and when Joel joined them we got one, but a double play put paid to our chances.  Hits  :  Mitch Fienemann 2, Troy Nicholson, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman 1.

DIVISION ONE  At Don Klaebe Field v Gawler Sat 3.02.24     

WON 11-4

They gave us a slight wake-up call in the first with a three run dinger, but that proved to be all they would get until a consolation run in the last.  AJ tightened up and gave them nothing from then on, and our batters took control.  In the third Cesar doubled as did Drew as did Finners and Troy's single made it three, and almost ditto in the fifth after a Cesar hit and a Troy sac-fly and a great line drive down the third base line by Joel, and we found ourselves with another three.  But we scored another five in the eighth, highlights being Drew's two run homer and Joel cheekily stealing home, along with another Cezar RBI.  Troy took over from AJ after six and Cezar brought it home for the last out.  Hits  :  Cesar Perez 3, Drew Janssen (HR) 2, Wade Moore, Mitch Fienemann, Troy Nicholson, Joel Chapman 1.

DIVISION TWO At Don Klaebe Field v Gawler Sat 3.02.24     

WON 10-3

Very solid win, with Declan pitching the first couple and Ray (our new acquisition)  taking over for the next three.  Muggsy, Dave Lodge and Pappsy knocked up getting RBI's, and Ollie and Harry were not to be denied also.  A small criticism would br the number of runners left on base throughout the game.  Hits  :  Joe Papps 2, Ryan Muggleton, David Lodge, Ollie Hayes, Harrison Kiss 1.

DIVISION THREE At Don Klaebe Field v Gawler Sat 3.02.24     

WON 14-5

We started raggedly in the field, but managed to get on top of things after Tyson got stuck into the defence.   The hitting proved to be outstanding with five runs in the second and a whopping nine in the fifth.  Luke Taylor got us going, and we really powered on the runs - with Harry's two run double a standout, Ray's RBI and scoring on Amara's hit, Wally's double and Jimmy Chu, Kossi and Harry again all contributing.  Tyson was well in control throughout.  Hits  :  Damian Wall, Harrison Kiss, Kosuke Ikeda 2, Luke Taylor, Amara Quinn, James Chu, Ray Han 1.

DIVISION SIX Away v Goodwood

WON 14-5

The battery of Andrew Eime to Phil Zschorn set up the win with the rest of the team all putting in.  Hits  :  Shane Brown 3, Phil Zchorn, Jake Wilson, Sean Wallis, Owen Williams 1.

DIVISION SEVEN Blue At home v Goodwood     WON 5-2

Nice to notch up a win after being down for a while.  The defence really stood up and backed Casey in his all game performance and Behr went three from three, a highlight which was matched by the Pope's diving catch at left field.  The guys were going just as strong at the end as they were at the start.  Hits  :  Behr 3, Nicko, Casey 2, Rev, Cam, Morty 1.

DIVISION SEVEN Red Away at the Port     

WON 10-0

David Ding pitched the boys to a terrific win with the hits being  :  Mike Chemny 3, Shane Nicholson 2, Kim Hooney 1.


DIVISION ONE Away at Southern Districts Sun 4.02.24     Lost 3-11

Long way to go to come away with a disappointing loss. We are suffering a lack of personell at the present time due to some unfortunate circumstances, and results are not coming easily.  Thanks to the ones that plugged the gaps.  Hits  :  Jemila Dadd, Sarah McMahon, Ella Forrester 1.

DIVISION TWO Away at Kensington Fri 2.02.24   went across town and recorded a loss.



U17 Senior League

Under 17s strengthened their grip on the top spot of the ladder with a strong win over Adelaide at home.

Diesel Fallon started for an innings and held them scoreless until he handed the reigns over to Oliver Hayes who kept their bats in check for the rest of the game.

Our bats proved strong through the whole game and our aggression on the base paths showed through Ryan who at one point managed to move from first to home on a single steal.

Congratulations to Benji Hayes who played his first game for the under 17s side.


U15 Junior League Woodville Def H&G 4-3

In a tight contest our team prevailed and now have a 3pt advantage in 3rd place from 4th with 3 rounds to go.  Again some outstanding pitching by starter Alice Brown with 6 strikeouts and reliever Seb Bravo with 3 strikeouts paved the way and backed up by some good team hitting saw us hold them out later in the game.


Luke Fawcett 2, Chace Wallis 2, Will Stock 2, Remy Brooks 1, Seb Bravo 1, Hugo Marshall 1


U14 Intermediate League

The best game this team has put together all season, going down 16-9 to Goodwood at Goodwood. They made no errors in the field and out-hit their opponents 6 to 5 but the inexperience of the pitchers, and the aggressive base-running of Goodwood allowed Goodwood to convert on-base opportunities into runs.

Luke caught superbly in the heat, managing to catch 2 runners stealing to 3rd and Felix was solid at 1st.

Hits: Luke 2, Felix 2, Xavier, Myles.

Pitching: Xavier 1 strikeout.

U13 Little League  played Henley & Grange and was a little slow getting the bats going in the early innings. With H&G's opening pitcher doing a great job at shutting us down. It was a drawn game, 2-2, going into the top of the sixth. However, the team showed they had kept their fighting spirit in the scorching weather and scored 4 more runs. Flexi did a great job closing out the last innings, and the team only let  H&G score one more to win the game 6 - 3.


Archie 3 innings, 7 strikeouts, 0 runs, 44 pitches with 31 strikes

Felix 3 innings, 9 strikeouts, 3 runs, 60 pitches with 30 strikes.


Riley 2 hits (1 double, 1 triple), 1 run

Archie 2 hits, 2 runs

Felix 1 double, 1 run

Kylah 1 hit, 1 run

Myles 1 hit

Bodi 1 run


U 11 Minor League U11

Lost 9-1 to Northern Districts at home. A tighter game than the scoreline suggested, with the batters more aggressive and our pitchers toiling hard for a lot of strikeouts.

Hits: Chris 2, Kasper

Pitching strikeouts: Hugo 3, Chris 3, Laura 3









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