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Away v Gawler Sat 25.11.23     

WON 10-1

First look at the newly refurbished Gawler complex, and what a treat it will be in future years.  But we had a game to win, and win we did in fine fashion with Drew holding them to just the one run in five innings, and the ultra mean AJ snuffing them out in his four.  First dig set the pattern when Troy belted one to the rightfield corner and scored Cezar from first, and we followed in the next with Joel, Manny and Greg combining for one, and Drew's RBI put us three up. More to come, and Drew doubled and scored the speedy Greg, and Cesar got Drew home, but wait, there's more, as the fifth was particularly fruitful for us as we filled the bases and a Cezar double got three over the plate. Five in this dig, and the way we ran the bases was a particular highlight.  Everyone was chipping in at important phases of the game, and fifteen hits tells the story that it was a case of "all played well".  Hits  :  Drew Janssen 3, Cesar Perez, Mitch Fienemann, Armando Ramirez 2, Troy Nicholson, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman, Nathan Nicholson, Greg Bravo, Adenson Verastegui 1.


Away v Gawler Sat 25.11.23     

WON 15-5

Kicked off with a fine first.  Kuhna singled and in a Freddy confusion play we got one home and Pappsy hit a double to put two more on the board.  The second was good also with three more, and then our defence came to the fore in the following two digs, and with a couple of fine double plays, denied the opposition.  Declan was in fine form and left the mound after four at 6-2.  We had a brief slight scare as they crept to a one run defecit, before we powered away with contributors aplenty.  Joel just shut their batters up. Hits  : Victor Liu, Nick Kuhn, Joe Papps, Breandan Taheney 2, Fred Aguilar, Diesel Fallon 1.


Away v Gawler Sat 25.11.23     

WON 8-3

Main feature of this game was the outstanding performance of Ray Wei, our starting pitcher who threw five innings for twelve strikeouts, no hits and no walks.  The batters were no slouches either with ten hits for the game.  Aldo, Luke and Jimmy got the ball rolling putting on three in the first, Diesel got Jimmy home in the third, and in the fourth we notched up a further four with another Diesel hit and a few walks.  Aldo and Diesel knocked them over at the death, and in all, a comprehensive victory.  Hits  :  Elvin Avila, Diesel Fallon, Ray Wei 2, Aldo McCormack, Luke Taylor, Jimmy Chu, David Lodge 1.

DIVISION SIX had a bye.


Couldn't take the field at Flinders due to the poor state of the ground. 


Played at home against Sth Districts and went down swinging (as they always do) 7-13 in an entertaining game.  Hits  :  Derek Milne, Justin Randall 2, Aaron Petros, Shane Nicholson, Kim Soung, Greg Oxenham, Tony Tuttle, Andy Vuong, David Ding.



Didn't have the best of days at Sturt and lost 1-16.  This is in no way a reflection on their ability, as this team has become the hunted this year after their Premiership win last season.  They will no doubt smart from this defeat and get back onto the horse and be the champs once again.


At Don Klaebe Field Fri 24.11.23     

Draw 14-14

Really entertaining game, in which we fell behind, got level, got behind again, and fought like hell to draw the game unluckily at the finish. Unlucky because we needed the maximum five to draw, and we did that with only one out - well, who knows?  Di, Indie and Alice were great from the mound, and the hits were :  Di 2, Jemila, Alice 1.


U17 Away v GGCD 

Confidence boosting win 18-5 with Diesel, Hayesy and Lachlan sharing the pitching duties, and the hitters  :   Ryan, Hayesy 3, Ollie Van Dommele, Tommy Jovanovic, Lachlan Stock, Seb Bravo 1.

U15  Home v Glenelg/WTorrens     

WON 8-0

Really looked spot-on with Alice tearing them apart with a 1-2-3 start, and our bats really looking ominous with a max seven runs in the third dig, after Seb crunched a two bagger, and then a triple in the next.  The defence was electric in this game with all contributing.  Hits:  Chace Wallis 1, Seb Bravo 2.

U14  Home v GGCD    

Lost 17-2. 

Some good, gutsy performances shown in the face of adversity.

U13 Home v GGCD     

WON 16-3

Close one early with us being one up after two, then we hit our straps and the runs flowed.  Four hits in the third including a triple to Michael Sennis to go with another single, and the other contributors were  ;  Felix Oliver (double), Bodhi Ansell, Isaac Dorian, Riley Sinclair (x2), Myles Braithwaite, Kylah Ding (who also pitched well), Aiden Hussey.


Didn't have their best day and went down 10-0.

Pee Wee

As usual the little guys had a fun morning.











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