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All junior matches were cancelled on Sunday as a result of the heat policy.  This was a shame because on the Friday night the Div One and Div Two squad took training along with their usual coaches and passed on some helpful tips to the juniors who were dying to put all their new information into practice.  There was an impressive turnout and the field and bullpen were overflowing with jubilant youngsters.  Go get 'em next week kids.


At home at Don Klaebe Field v Adelaide     

WON 4-2 Due to the heat, the game was shortened to seven innings, and in a short game it pays to get runs early.  That is exactly what we did, plating three in the first and one in the second to establish a lead that the Angels could not catch.  This was a direct result of another top pitching effort by Josh Tols who threw five innings for three hits, one base on balls, nine strikeouts and no runs.  He only had eighty-five pitches, and was superbly backed up by his defence.  We got our first three runs from the three lead-off hitters all getting on and scoring, and good heads-up baserunning resulted in our single score in the second.  Adelaide scored a couple near the end in an effort to close the gap, but ran out of time, and we recorded a satisfactory result.  Hits: Ryan Muggleton, Daniel Chapman, Ethan Marchioro 2, Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson, Mitch Fienemann 1.


At home at Don Klaebe Field v Adelaide 

Lost 1-5 We couldn't reproduce the fine form we produced last week in beating Port, only managing four hits for the heat shortened game. Joel Chapman, Craig Abbott, Rhys Owen and Andrew Chapman being the only contributors with the bats. Rhys belted a nice double to make the highlights reel, but the boys left him out there, which was the story of the day. One poor innings in the field was all it took to give the opposition the win.  


The late game on Friday night seesawed for most of the night, and we had to get three runs in the last to manage a draw, 9-9. We had to overcome a few problems defensively, but a draw is better than a loss.  Hits: Alyssa Laycock, Darna Veen 2, Sarah McMahon, Carly Moore, Leah Turner 1.


Lost 4-13 to Sth Districts.   

You could see the improvement from the first pitch, this team is getting into the groove nicely.  Barry Eime showed the way with a great play at third and the boys took heart from that and lifted.  The hitting was much better with Matt Kaponits getting two along with Shane Brown, and Sean Flintoff, David Lodge, Adrian Philps and Josh Bowden one each.


Back in the winners circle with a pretty comprehensive win over Sturt, who were above us on the ladder, 11-5.  With King K and Sully dominating on the hill and batters crunching them all over the field, the win was inevitable.  Twenty hits says it all. They were Behr, Troy K, Sully, Teaks 3, China, Dorney 2, Cuz, Cam, Scotty, and Nick one each.


Changed tactics this week after giving up leads late in games, and tried the come from behind approach.  Nearly pulled it off, going down 5-9.  This was a good effort.  Hits: Aaron Petros 2, Shane Lavida, Brad Atkinson, Lawrie Sinclair, Craig Mortimore, Noel Watson, Nick McCormack, Derek Milne 1. 

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