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Away v E.Torrens Twilight Tue 6.02.24     

DRAW 4-4

The game looked so easy in the first as Wade doubled, Cesar advanced him and a Drew sac fly scored. Simple. History almost repeated in the third with, once again, a Wade hit, a Cesar hit, a Drew hit and a Finners double scoring another two.  They equalised in the same dig, when we had a big opportunity to close them down but missed a double play to end their inning, allowing three runs.  Drew was in control on his way to ten strikeouts, and after seven, we had to go into extras, and we were in the box seat with batters 1-2-3 up.  We got one with a walk following the Coach making changes, but couldn't hold them and we finished with yet another draw - our third for the season.  Hits  :  Wade Moore 2, Cesar Perez, Mitch Fienemann, Drew Janssen 1.


At Don Kleabe Field Sat 10.02.24 v Adelaide     WIN 8-7

Terrific game, a must win game, and a satisfying result in that we were challenged and had to come from behind on a couple of occasions.  The Angels were a bit ahead of us on the ladder, so we needed the win to hang in there.  They got to four up in the third, but a two run dinger by Drew followed up in the same dig by Troy with a two run over the fence shot of his own for the evener slowed them up a tad.  AJ was solid and the excitement kept coming with another Drew homer, and a Joel home plate steal allowed Troy to move around and come home on DChap's RBI.  They passed up Drew at his next plate appearence, but Finners reacted and brought in a run.  The boys from Plympton kept coming and got another two, but we prevailed with the bottom of the ninth still up our sleeves.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson (HR) 3, Drew Janssen (2HR) 2, Cesar Perez, Joel Chapman, Daniel Chapman, Jose Ramirez, Nick Kuhn 1.  Canteen and bar were busy as all day, nice to see a couple of old stalwarts jumping in at one stage to give a hand - namely Behr and Cam.  The regular contributors need congratulating. 


At Don Klaebe Field Sat 10.02.24 v Adelaide     Lost 4-9

Dec was in trouble early and conceded a few runs, so Finners stepped in for two digs to slow them down and Ray had a go then Nathan closed them down but the damage had been done and they were six nil up.  We finally scored when d/h Aldo caused some errors from their first baseman and we got two, and a triple off the bat of Taheny put in two more.  Doesn't do the finals chances any good, but they are hanging in there.  Hits  :  one each to Joe Papps, Breandan Taheny and Andrew Chapman.


At Don Klaebe Field Sat 10.02.24 v Adelaide     WIN 3-2

We were really looking good batting wise and the battery of Tyson to Freddy was potent - so why just the one run win?  I guess their guy on the hill was ok also as it was closely fought all day, as we only got our runs in dribs and drabs - one in the third with Aldo's RBI, in the fourth from Diesel's, and in the fifth when Freddy got one home.  Seven quality innings from Tyson was the standout, really moving into his work, and the coaching debut of Wally was impressive - Dave was at a wedding.  Amara certainly can do some damage sliding into second.  Hits  :  Aldo McCormack, Diesel Fallon 2, Damian Wall, Freddy Aguilar, Jimmy Chu, Ray Han, Amara Quinn 1.  No Kossi this week - gone to see Taylor!


Were away to Adelaide and lost by the narrowist of margins 9-10.  It was a topsy-turvey affair with several lead changes, but we were left lamenting at the finish.  Hits  :  Andrew Eime 3, Braithwaite 2, Williams, Wilson, Brown, Mignone, Wallace, O'HazyZschorn 1.  Eime and Doggy were the pitchers,


Were also away - to Goodwood and won 14-12 in a superior performance.  Kim Soung is proving to be deadly from the mound pitching to the ever present Mike Chemny, ably assisted by rookie coach Derek Milne.  Hits  :  Kim Hooney 3, Kim Soung, Justin Randall 2, Greg Oxenham, Tony Tuttle, Andy Vuong, Derek Milne 1.


Played at Don Klaebe Field and beat fifth placed GGCD 12-6 on the back of fine pitching by Sully, and some lusty hitting.  Can't make finals, but sure can make it difficult for some of the contenders.  Hits  :  Rev, Cuz, Nicko, Cam, Sully 2, Behr, Casey, Nate 1.



At Don Klaebe Field Sun 11.02.24 v Adelaide     WIN 11-6

Good effort all round in a positive performance.  Amara put in a beauty from the middle and was backed up all game by her defence, led by the returning Carly (who still hasn't' brought me back a fossil), and double plays were plenty.  Not happy to see Darna go down with a knee, but Louise to the rescue - she was supposed to be benchwarming with her mangled finger, but rose to the occasion, gritted her teeth and came up with an important play.  We got the max in the third with a Carly treble, RBI Amara then Smack, then Alyssa and finally Carly.  Hits  : Carly Moore 3, Amara Quinn, Sarah McMahon, Indy OHazy-Zschorn 2, Alyssa Lasscock, Leah Turner 1.


Away at Gawler Fri 9.02.24

Had a good win 15-3


Senior League U17

v GGCD WON 11-2

Accounted for the Dodgers, showing the top of the table form.  Benji was fighting above his weight (and age) division catching to Diesel Fallon and Ollie VanDommelle, but handled it with aplomb.  Very good performance all round with the hitters being Charlotte Paech 2, Lachlan Stock, Oliver Hayes, Diesel Fallon 1.

Junior League U15 Div 1

Woodville def Sth Districts 7-2

After a sluggish start, our bats started firing in the 4th inning with a solo home run to Will Stock.  Some good pitching from both sides left it 1-1 after 4 innings we then got 6 runs in the final two frames to take it out comfortably. Again some outstanding pitching through five innings from Alice Brown giving up only one hit and striking out multiple hitters & Seb Bravo the birthday boy did well under some pressure in relief.  

Hits were:Will Stock 3 (1hr), Chace Wallis 1, Benji Hayes 1, Seb Bravo 1(double), Alice Brown 1(double), Archie Wallis 1.

Intermediate League U14

Sth Districts def Woodville 7-3

A good strong start from us saw us 3-1 up after two innings, unfortunately some errors crept in and we gave up 4 runs in one inning.  On the whole the team played well under some hot conditions.  Some excellent pitching by Chace Wallis & Remy Brooks kept us in the game the whole way and Luke Fawcett did a good job catching in the heat and threw a runner out stealing.  Also a nice double play from Anton Kumar and Xavier Gower were highlights of the day. Chace Wallis had 6 strikeouts and Remy Brooks had 4.

Hits were:  Chace Wallis 3 (1 triple), Remy Brooks 2 & Xavier Gower 1

Little League U13

Score Woodville 21 to Goodwood 4

In today's Little League U13 game, Goodwood sharpened its defence and pitching skills. However, Woodville had a great day hitting the ball. It was a thrilling game where one side improved their play, but the other dominated with their strong batting performance, with many kids getting safe hits. Kylah showed off her athleticism with some great plays, stopping 2 line drive, with Felix crushing doubles beyond the cones.


Kylah 3 innings,  5 strikeouts, 16 batters faced

Archie 2 innings, 6 strikeouts, 9 batters faced.


Ely 4 hits 3 runs

Felix 3 hits (all doubles), 3 runs

Riley 2 hits (1 double)

Bodi 2 hits (1 double), 1 run

Archie 2 hits (1 double)

Kylah 2 hits

Olive 3 runs

Mochi 2 hits, 3 runs

Francis 1 hit, 4 runs

Isaac 4 runs

Minor League U11

9-1 loss at home.

A tight battle through the first 2 innings, with Chris pitching strongly, but we weren’t able to string enough hits together to trouble the scorers, leaving 5 runners on base in the process. Alex and Laura came on to close out the game, and despite striking out a batter each, and with Chris and Kasper picking up some outs in the field, H&G scored more runs to put the game out of reach.

Hits: Harrison 2, Chris 1.

Pitching (strikeouts) Chris 5, Alex 1, Laura 1.



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