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DIVISION ONE Away v Sturt     

Lost 3-5

Last years premiers are a formidable team, but we took it up to them, and had them looking worried at the end when we came back like a steam train.  It was a dusty day at "The Dome" and in an error free display, we proved we can match it with any side.  The Saints held a two run lead for most of the day, and increased it to four in the eighth courtesy of a Tyrell Joyce homer.  Top nine, and they thought they had it, but Troy Nicho had other ideas and planted one over, to be followed by Gary's fence rattling hit.  Got to within a couple but couldn't bridge the gap to make them bat again.  Rhett Feser had a good day on the mound, at one point sitting down Lee, Roeger and Joyce in the one inning with only the minimum of pitches.  Hits: Troy Nicholson, Gary Owens, Jackson Sowton 2, Ethan Marchioro, Tom Dineen, Wade Moore 1.

DIVISION TWO Away v Sturt     

Draw 4-4

A terrific, tight game highlighted by some fine pitching - take a bow Rhys.  It was also great to see our boys come alive with the bats, getting six hits in the third, producing three runs.  Unfortunately, we gave them back in the fifth, but against the top of the table Saints, this was a good effort.  The Club Coach, Richard Olson, proved that he can handle the bat after his rest, and was right in the mix all day.  Hits: Richard Olson, Troy Nicholson 2, Jackson Sowton, Brayden Marchioro, Rhys Owen, Vic Benveltzen, Will Kortekaas, Ryan Marsland 1.

DIV FOUR played Goodwood and lost 1-11.


Played Port at home and after holding them pretty well for most of the day, succumbed in the end to lose 8-13.  Sully wasn't too keen on having several catches grassed, making life on the mound difficult, having to get five outs every inning.  Hope it's just a blip, because finals are a distinct chance.  Hits: Behr 3, Marso, Teakle 2, Couz, Sully 1.


Also played Port at home but came away with the better result winning 10-9, with several of the boys putting in fine performances.  Morty and Nick were good on the hill, and young Aldo is a real improver. A great team effort.  Hits: Nick McCormack 3, Tim Fawcett, Keith Mortimore, Noel Watson, Aldo McCormack, Lawrie Moore 2, Derek Milne, Craig Mortimore 1..


Played GGCD and stitched them up 17-3, with eyes well and truly set on finals in the new year.  Kenzi was playing her final game due to an employment change, and they let her pitch the last inning.  Stick to batting kiddo.  The girls were fantastic and showed their true potential.  Hits: Leah Turner 4, Carly Moore 3, Louise Bartle 2, Darna Veen, Kenzi StGeorge, Alyssa Lasscock ,Catie Barry, Megan Brownbill 1.


Made the trek to Gawler and found it to their liking by winning 29-2.  In the absence of regular pitchers Jonny VonSenden and Owen Williams, Aldo McCormack and Cody Tape did the honours and performed well.  Two in the park home runs to Harrison Kiss summed up the day.  Hits: Harrison Kiss 6, Blake O'Brien, Aldo McCormack, Alex Black 3, Hunter Jeffries, Barry Eime 2.

Under 13

Had a draw against a Gawler Rangers team.  Toby Kortekaas pitched and had a hit, as did Zach Stanmeyne. Result 13-13.

Under 11

Played the Indians at West Beach and heartbreakingly lost by one 8-9.  Dakota and Jacob hit doubles, and Chace, Oliver, Archie and Remy all hit singles. Oliver just knocks up striking out the opposition, having four, and Archie struck out two. 

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