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Not too many wins in a weekend of baseball that started badly when our Ladies lost to last year's premiers, and finished off with our senior teams not able to meet the standards set by West Torrens.  The only outfits to fly the flag were the all conquering Div Six, the Under 17's and Under 11's.

DIVISION ONE     At Don Klaebe Field     v     West Torrens   

Lost 0-12

The Eagles were all over us all day, and to rub salt into the wounds,we had our only bit of joy denied when Troy N crossed home plate only to be told that he had left early.  Apart from Troy's two hits for the day, we struggled to lay bat on ball, and as the day progressed and frustration set in, we started to let the errors creep in.  Troy and his brother tried valiantly on the hill, but the big hitting West Torrens boys took control, and had an emphatic win.

DIVISION TWO     At Don Klaebe Field     v     West Torrens     

Lost 1-9

Rhys Owen continued his good form from the previous week and pitched six solid innings to leave the game at 0-4.  There were some good signs with the returning Peter Drover owning centre field and we turned a couple of nice double plays, but were let down by some sloppy base running.  Troy N came into the game and planted one over the left field fence,and the game was subsequently called.  Hits  :  Jackson Sowton, Rhys Owen, Jarrod Marsland, Troy Nicholson (HR) 1.

DIVISION FOUR     At Don Klaebe Field   

Lost 4-22

Talk about the walking wounded!  At least three or four guys limped onto the field, and those that didn't at the start certainly did towards the end.  The pitching went like this  -  first Troy Kortekaas (limping), then Lodgy (did his hammy in his first innings), then Doggy with his sore shoulder (hurt his leg) then Azza who got through ok. Oh yes, third base Coach Sharz couldn't start.  Hits : Dave Lodge, Troy Kortekaas 2, Arron Petros, Blake O'Brien, Doggy, Ding 1.

DIVISION SIX     Away v Goodwood     

WON 15-2

The Div Six boys, as I said before, went on their winning way by knocking off the Indians on their home turf.  Scotty Currie (go the Bays) pitched six in a solid performance, and the field backed him up.  Hits : Cam Britcher, Nick McCormack 3, Scott Currie, Sully 2, Couzner (birthday boy), Geyer, Teakle, Stradling 1.


Lost at home 4-12. 

Casey Moore and Keith Mortimore did all the hard work from the mound, but the Ram's boys got the upper hand and went on to a good win.  No hits recorded - Judy had to dash off to the shops and forgot.


Went to Sturt to combat the premier team from last season, and came away with their tails between their legs, having lost 0-16.  Still, there are plenty of wins ahead for this talented group.  Go girls.


Won this encounter with Golden Grove in an exciting, come from behind, victory 13-12.  The game was strange with both teams scoring the maximum seven runs in their first innings, and then settling down to an even contest.  Good to get the result and keep the momentum going.  Hits : Harrison Kiss 3, Johnny VonSenden, Barry Eime 1.  Owen Williams and Harrison Kiss were the pitchers.


Played on the back diamond against Goodwood with Beau Brownbill pitching. Zach Stanmeyre collected the only two hits as they went down 5-11.


A great many happy and excited Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, grannies, grandpas and kids, as these little tackers had their first win for their baseball careers over Goodwood 12-3, a game in which all played a part.  Some of the main contributors were Noah, who held onto a fly ball, and Dakota(2), Jacob (2) and Archie (1) who all hit well. Oliver (5 strikeouts), Archie (3)and Matthew (3) were all terrific.  Well done.

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