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at Don Klaebe Field v H & Grange Sat 28.10.23     

DRAW 11-11 (in eleven innings)

Great entertainment and certainly not one for the faint hearted.  We drew on all our reserves of courage and showed good old fighting qualities to claw back not once but twice from the jaws of defeat to record a particularly fine draw against last year's runners-up.  AJ was up and H&G got off to a blinder with agressive batting,  Drew's double came to nothing, and we left a few out there but AJ gained control and he and TVS pitched five scoreless innings.  However  we were not putting much on the board until Cesar put one on the roof of the QEH to score three, while excelling in the field during his pitching stint with a great double play.  Troy came on and looked the goods but the Rams took the lead 4-7  until Taheny was brought into the game and got on base and was brought home by Kuhna to be followed by Drew's shot over the fence for two more to tie it up.  Agonisingly, we had four against us in the tenth, but once again we rallied and that man again - Taheny - got on base as did Kuhna, and Wade's three run homer tied it up again.  The eleventh - and Drew made it impossilbe for them to score and we weren't able to add to our total either.  The International Rules in the last two innings certainly upped the heart rate.  So, three games in, all against last year's finalists for a loss and two draws - who knows what the rest of the season will hold.  Hits  :  Drew Janssen (HR), Breandan Taheny 2, Wade Moore (HR), Cesar Perez (HR), Mitch Fienemann, Joel Chapman, Greg Bravo, Adensen Verastegui 1.


at Don Klaebe Field v H&Grange Sat 28.10.23     Lost 7-11

Strangest beginning to a game with the away team finding eight runs and we got six of our own - all in the first which took the best part of an hour.  Thank goodness things quietened a touch and there was very little scoring from then on - they got three more and we managed one.  Hits  :  Armando Ramirez 2, Freddy Aguilar, David Lodge 1.


at Don Klaebe Field v H&Grange Sat 28.10.23     Lost 7-8

Another nail-biter, going down to the wire.  We started poorly giving up six in the first two digs, but the wiley Lachie Burrows put the clamps on, and after Lodgy hit and we had a couple of batters hit by pitchers, we were in the game.  Needing two for the win in the last, and with bases loaded, we could manage only one.  Young Haysey pitched the last two in a creditable effort.  Hits  :  Lachie Burrows 3,  Aldo McCormack, Jimmy Chu, Elvin Avila, Josh Boden, David Lodge, Kosuke Ikeda 1.


Took the trek out to Golden Grove and didn't have the same success as they had last week going down 4-13, with Shane Brown, Andrew Eime and Jack Wilson all recording hits.  


Played away against H&Grange, and although putting up a pretty good performance, finished  giong down 8-11.  Some good efforts all round, with the hitters being Matt Davey, Justin Randall (good pitching), Mike Chemny, Hoony Soung 2, Aaron Petros, Kim Soung, Shane Lodge, Greg Oxenham 1.  Timmy Russell - no hits - but RBI !


Home game against Port and accounted for them easily to finally kick-start their season with a 14-3 victory.  Got seven in the first and kept it going with runs in every innings.  Behr's pitching comeback after a year's injury layoff was terrific and he was well backed up by his defence and Casey.  Hits  :  Rev 2, Watto, Cuz, Dorny, Casey, Behr, Nate, Cam 1.



v Glenelg at Don Klaebe Field Sun 29.10.23     WON 16-6 (Mercy)

No Carly, no Ash, no Ella, no Leah - no worries.  Absentees for various reasons caused us to start a bit short and had to endure an automatic out in our first, but when the rest of the troops arrived, we went on to automatic pilot and cruised to the win.  Amara had them in control, and Darna chipped in at the end to show our authority.  In the second, Louise, Smack and Indie all hit doubles to enhance the scoreboard. A bye next week.  Hits  :  Louise Pelle, Alyssa Lasscock 2, Sarah McMahon, Catie Berry (nice catch), Indie O’Hazy-Zschorn 1.


v Goodwood at Don Klaebe Field Fri 27.10.23     WON 8-7

We had six after two but the Goody girls fought back with four, and it was a tight affair with us just pipping them and not needing to bat in the last.  Dakota pitched three, Christie one and Alice finished and also hit a double as well as Bridget.  Hits  :  Bridget O'Meara 2, Kym Wilson, Alice Brown, Kerryn Fry, Jemila Dadd 1.  Welcome Jemila.


U17 had their first loss 3-9 at the hands of Sturt.


Defeated West Torrens 10-0 in what turned out to be the Alice Brown Show.  Pitching a shutout with eleven strikeouts and going three from three will get you the votes every time.  Seb Bravo hit a home run, Archie, Dakota, Hugo and Luke all had one hit and Alice - three.

Under 14 lost to Goodwood 13-6


Went to Port and came home with the chockies to the tune of an 18-3 victory with Archie hitting two in the park homeruns.


Went all the way to Southern Districts and went down by the narrowist of margins 3-4.

Peewees had a great time and although there are no scores kept, they tell me they won.


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