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At home (Don Klaebe Field) v Adelaide Lost 5-7

Finals game. Good defence and a lightening quick arm from the Skip behind the plate which saw the demise of several runners, slowed the early scoring. But we were not getting on the board ourselves which meant that we were always chasing. After pitching so well for the first four digs, Joe lost his pinpoint accuracy and gave up a few hits and walked in a couple of runs and the Angel's managed to put on six, which led to Doggy taking the reins and throwing the remaining four innings for no further runs. We started to make a game of it and slowly clawed our way back into the contest with Carly stealing home and Breandan scoring Harry and then two more runs and it was getting tight. So to the bottom of the ninth and two runs in arrears. Doggy showed just how fair dinkum he was by getting on first, stealing second then stealing third, but we ran out of hitters and didn't add to our score. Pity. But the good news is - we get to do it all over again next week against Southern Districts at their home ground. Hits: David Lodge 2, and one each to Richard Olson, Harrison Kiss, Jarrod Marsland, Shane Brown, Breandan Taheny, Jimmy Chu, Carly Moore.

DIVISION SEVEN Away v Adelaide Angels

Lost 9-2 Semi final. Not so lucky was this team, who have proudly flown the flag all season, only to bow out of the premiership race. They deserved to go deeper into the finals, as they proved all year that they were a side to be reckoned with. Hits: Behr, Rev 3, Flash, Sully 2, Nate, China, Cuz, Nicko 1.

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