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Prelim Final Away v Sth Districts

Lost 13-14

The last game of the season for our Club turned out to be a beauty - although the result could have been a bit different. This was a tense, see-sawing affair that went a tick under four hours. The Hawks had finished on top of the ladder losing only twice and conceding just over thirty odd runs for the entire year, so to get thirteen runs off seventeen hits was an extremely good effort. We started nervously, giving up five in the first but settled down and clawed two back immediately, then four in the next with Aldo and Carly featuring and you could sense the sting had gone out of the home team to some extent. We picked up another couple in the fifth to go ahead 8-5, but with Joe reaching his pitch count limit and sitting down, the boys from down south picked up their momentum and shot to the lead for the second time. However, not to be outdone we fought back magnificently to post five with Rich's RBI and an intentional walk allowing Josh to join the party with a two RBI hit, then Harry loaded them up again and it was Jimmy's turn to knock in a pair. It was all happening and we were up 13-12 and had to hold them for the final two. The eighth was no score, but they managed two in their last for the win - what a bugger. Thanks for the year boys and girls - it was a blast. Hits : Richard Olson 3, Breandan Taheny, Harrison Kiss, Kosuke Ikeda, James Chu, Aldo McCormack 2, Carly Moore, Jarrod Marsland, Shane Brown, Josh Boden 1.

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