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Twilight 8.03.22 at Don Klaebe Field v H & G

Lost 0-10

Not one of our finer efforts. We let them steal their way to a couple in the first, then a couple of home runs accelerated their score in the middle going, before Troy N came on the scene and closed them down for a few innings. A further home run, and his brother was called on to put out the fire. We hit the ball often enough against one of our own, but found no gaps at all, and only recorded two hits for the evening - both to Troy Nicholson.


Away v Port Adelaide 12.03.22

WON 7-3 in 11 innings. This game was one with the lot. Tolsy was terrific on the mound and his counterpart almost matched him most of the way. We gave up two in the first and lost Simsy after his first at bat due to a slight discrepancy. We were accounting for them 1-2-3 and when Troy W got on, Rhys hit and Ethan bunted, the ensuing confusion of the Maggies' defence scored us an important three. At this stage the sole ump went down and an ambulance was called - stand up Terry Fitzgerald who volunteered to take centre stage (didn't sign up for extra innings though). Hope the ump is ok. Port got one to equalise, but the rest of normal innings were all scoreless - even in the bottom of the ninth when they loaded the bases and relief pitcher Troy W had to use all his wiles to strike them out. We gave ourselves a big chance in the tenth when Troy W advanced Nat to third - but no run. The eleventh proved fruitful however as we loaded the bases and we were the lucky recipients of a walked in run, and then we virtually put it to bed with a Troy W smash to the fence to get two more - four for the dig in total and it was left to Troy N to knock off any thoughts of a Port revival with a clinical last inning. Hits: Troy Weinert 2, Wade Moore, Todd Dunstall, Rhys Owen 1. Not a bad way to finish off the season.


Away v Port Adelaide

WON 10-3 Great way to start the game with the first five batters all hitting to get on base and score five, and with Tyson having a blinder from the mound, we looked the goods. Sensible baseball saw us score a couple more in the fourth when both Petty and Tom put up sac flys. We were able to score easily most game, and when Tyson sat down, Finners continued the good work. Worst part of the day was when we discovered that the team had missed out on finals by one lousy point. Really ruing those couple of draws through the season. Hits: Mitch Fienemann 3, Rhys Owen, Kieran Pett 2, Ryan Muggleton, Daniel Chapman, Tom Dineen, Andrew Chapman 1.

DIVISION THREE Away v Port Adelaide

WON 14-0 Four runs to kick off with set the tone, and with Joe strutting his stuff in the middle, we were never challenged. Kosi kept hitting and flying round the bases, Lodgy was hitting doubles and piling up RBI's, Breandan and Harrison were batting a thousand each, and the Skip showed his versatility by switch hitting. With finals next week, Joe had an early minute and Doggy closed. Good things for the finals. Hits: Kosuke Ikeda, Breandan Taheny, Harrison Kiss 3, David Lodge, Jarrod Marsland 2, Carly Moore, Richard Olson 1.


Away v East Torrens. Elimination Final WON 17-9 Won this final in fine style with Sully having a good day, especially with ball in hand. Let's hope that this is the forerunner for the next few weeks. Hits: Nicko 3, Behr, Cuz, Sully, China 2, Nate 1. Go you good things.


Away v Glenelg Sunday 13.03.22

Lost 3-9 Elimination Final. What a shame - the girls were having a fine series of games leading up to finals and unfortunately crashed at the last hurdle. Darna really did her absolute best on the mound and should be proud of her performance, as well as the rest of the girls who backed her up magnificently. One bad innings in the middle of proceedings put paid to our aspirations of a win, and we all know that the future for this committed band of mates is bright. The contingent of our loyal supporters made sure it was an enjoyable day, and many thanks to them, as most were in the large crowd that attended the Port game the day prior. For all grades, we are truly blessed with the passionate following that we enjoy. Hits: Darna Boers-Veen 3, Leah Turner, Alyssa Lasscock 1.

Finally, we have two teams representing the Senators in advancing through finals, namely the Div Threes and the Div Sevens. What a hoot if we can support them in numbers in the last few weeks of the season, GODANATS!

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