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Twilight away v Kensington 1.03.22 Lost 5-10

Weiny started on the mound and was solid with the scoreline showing one down after the first two. But then his defense let him down big time in the third and - along with some powerful hitting - they put on nine big ones - and we looked set for an early night. Enter Nathan Nicholson, who kept them scoreless for their next three innings, while we put on five ourselves thanks to two two run homers from Troy W and Cesar. Not the first time this season that Nathan has stopped the rot and slowed the scoring to a walk, they just can't handle his style of pitching. At last we started to look a bit menacing with Joel hitting and then Todd and Wade also hit and we scored with an Ethan sac fly - but unfortunately, that was our lot. Hits: Cesar Perez (HR) 2, Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson, Luke Rackerbrandt, Joel Chapman, Troy Wirnert (HR), Todd Dunstall 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field 5.02.22 v Adelaide

WON 4-0 Now this was a case of duckeggs for nine innings as Tolsy just weaved his magic in his time on the mound in amassing fifteen (yes fifteen) strikeouts, and really making some of their batters look a little lost in the box. We didn't exactly set the world on fire with our hitting. and we were guilty of leaving runners out there twice and it took a passed ball to get our first run in the fifth, but Todd's infield hit scored our second and Joel's hit scored another two for us in the eighth. We were never in real trouble, as our defence was tight all day and their bats weren't as potent as some others. Thanks to Tolsy - three votes I reckon. Hits: Todd Dunstall, Ryan Muggleton 3, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman, Chris Sims 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field 5.02.22 v Adelaide

WON 10-8 Strange game - they loaded the bases in the first but we killed that with a double play but when it was our turn to bat we ran into the most extraordinary circumstance ever when their starter walked the first four, then another walk, a sac fly, “two hit" Tommy and a three RBI Muggsie and we were off to the races with seven on the board. Things got a bit jittery in the fifth when they got a couple and Tyson had a sit and we were wondering where our next out was coming from. However we managed to weather the storm and it was left to Petty to give us a little breathing space with a timely double to score one. That was enough. Hits: Kieran Pett 2, Ryan Muggleton, Rhys Owen, Mitch Fienemann, Craig Abbott, Andrew Chapman, Nathan Nicholson 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field 5.02.22 v Adelaide

Lost 3-5 First loss since Christmas for this finals bound team. All day we put plenty on base, but the home plate was elusive. Taheney's sac fly got us on the board and Jimmy Chu's double put on another, but runs weren't coming easily. Joe was having a quiet one in the lead up to finals, so one game in the minor round to go and let's just get on with it. Hits: Breandan Taheney, Jarrod Marsland, Richard Olson, Jimmy Chu 1.


Not a bad result for the last game of the season for the Div Six boys who haven't had the best of seasons. We will take an 8-8 draw to end proceedings and hope that it was an enjoyable time for most. Hits: Moore, Harmer, Mortimore, McCormack 1.


Top win leading into finals for this team. Let's hope they don't get over zealous and decide to have a training session this week. Why break a standing tradition.. But the 14-0 trouncing at the weekend means that they are finely tuned. Watch out! Hits: Behr 3, Jarvis, Cuz, China 2, Flash, Cam, Nate 1.


Showing off in front of their adoring home crowd, they went one better than their defeat of the second top team last week, by knocking off the top team 9-5. Got behind early but came back with a vengeance with four in the second and five in the third, Justin's stand up triple being the stand out highlight. Special mentions (gee, sounds like junior presentation nights) to Azza on the mound, and Lawrie. Well done over the season to all you guys. Very, very enjoyable.


Great way to end the minor round with the thrashing of Glenelg 14-0 last week and the trouncing of the Redsox today with the baker's dozen 13-6. Kid's - ask your folks what a baker's dozen is. So it went like this - no Darna on the mound, no Lisa at first, no worries! Everybody did their bit, with Molly belting a three RBI single in the first as we powered our way to five big ones, followed by another four in the second and two in the third. Meanwhile Carly was being particularly mean from the middle and the defence held up really well. Thanks Cloggsy - the after game layabout on the grass with terrific, food was sensational. Hits: Sarah McMahon 3, Megan Boers-Veen, Alyssa Lasscock, Darna Boers-Veen, Molly Brown 2, Carly Moore, Kensi StGeorge 1.

JUNIORS Last games this season for all our juniors and whilst not having the success that they were anticipating, it is unreal the improvement that they have all shown. Their coaches all deserve the highest congratulations for their efforts, and the parents were enthusiastic and encouraging all season. Please all show your appreciation by turning up to support them all at the presentation evenings coming up.

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