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DIVISION ONE v GGCD at Don Klaebe Field 8.10.22

WON 6-5

That's the way to win a game of baseball. On the opening round of the season - come from behind at the last possible moment to walk-off as winners. Our perfectly hatched pitching plan worked a treat, with Tyson McKee starting and conceding a few before Josh Tols came on and halted all scoring with his precision painting of the edges along with some great curve balls, then Todd Van Steensel pitched an inning of fizzing fast balls, and Cesar Perez and Troy Nicholson rounded out the game defensively. No scores from the Dodgers' boys from half way thru' the third, but we were not having it all our own way with the bats, as we had to wait until the sixth to score when Rackers put one hugely over the fence for our first and their starter was subsequently retired. And so we went to the last at 2-5 down needing four for the win, and we got one straight away after a walk and an Ethan hit. Bases loaded and a Troy Nicho double scored two - tied away. They then walked Rackers and Mugsy stepped up and put one past second base to bring Troy home for the win. Sweet! The looks on the faces of the Golden Groves boys said it all. Hits : Wade Moore, Ryan Muggleton, Ethan Marchioro 2, Cezar Perez, Troy Nicholson, Luke Rackenbrandt (HR), Joel Chapman, Armando Ramirez 1. Our catching crew caught the eye today - rather a unique scenario - all from the one family in the ones, twos and threes, that being Wade Moore, Todd Dunstall and Carly Moore respectively. Fantastic - way to go guys!

DIVISION TWO v GGCD at Don Klaebe Field

WON 15-2 We set the game up from the get-go with eight good ones in the first, and with Joe Chapman being as mean as can be, we were never headed and the relievers got into the action as well, namely Nathan Nicholson and Mitch Fienemann. An even spread of hitters meant that it was just about the best way to kick the season off, with the hitters being Todd Dunstall (No11) 4, Nick Kuhn, Harrison Kiss 2, Kieran Pett, Daniel Chapman, Joe Papps and Jose Ramirez 1. Had a good season last year, looking to see what the season produces.

DIVISION THREE v GGCD at Don Klaebe Field

WON 13-2 Tyson Hancock took the new ball and looked the goods after the off season, and Breandan Taheny got us on the board with an RBI, and then Doggy hit a nice double and Kossi went one better with a great triple (could have made it home?) and the scores mounted up. Joe Papps took over on the mound in his return to the club and it appears he has not missed a beat. Hits : Tom Dineen 3, Shane Brown, Joe Papps 2, Breandan Taheny, Carly Moore, David Lodge, Ikeda Kosuke, Toby Kortekaas, Josh Boden 1.

You probably saw a few names in the above reports that are new to you, so the Club would like to welcome our new and returning members, namely Armando and Jose Ramirez, Tyson McKee, Todd Van Steensel, Nick Kuhn, Joe Papps.

DIVISION SIX v Port Adelaide

Lost 4-14 Tough day at the office for these guys, but led 4-1 at one stage and couldn't go on with it. Andrew Eime pitched well and came up with two hits along with Craig Mortimore, and single hits to Zschorn, Flash, Lawrie Sinclair (who took a great catch), Eddie Ansell, Owen Williams.

DIV SEVEN had a bye.

DIVISION EIGHT v H & Grange at Don Klaebe Field

Lost 0-14 Azza's first crack at the coaching stint didn't go fully as planned, with only one hit recorded for the day. That man was Derek Milne. Azza pitched ok, but the defence let him down in one bad inning. Keep plodding on guys, you'll be right. Found that screw for your ankle yet Shane?

WOMAN'S LEAGUE Div One v Away v Glenelg

Won 11-0 Last years premiers couldn't hold a candle to our superb fired up girls today - Meggsie really got 'em going before the first pitch and the returning Ash George made a statement with the first hit off the first pitch, and she continued on the day with this theme - see ball, hit ball. Then Carly hit a double and we were off and running and Darna strided purposely to the mound and pitched a one hit game for no runs, SMack doubled and Alyssa got her home, but the play of the day belonged to SMack who took a really hot catch at short and threw out the runner trying to get back on first. Next dig, Carly doubled, Darna doubled and the runs flowed and we recorded a satisfying win. Welcome new and returning players into this team at this time in Ash George, Bridget Omeara and Amara Quinn. Hits today : Ash George (No 11) 4, Carly Moore 3, Sarah McMahon. Alyssa Lasscock, Darna Boers-Veen, Leah Turner, Amara Quinn 1.

Cannot wait for the juniors to kick off next week, and also our new Woman's Div two team. GODANATS !!!

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