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Twilight v Adelaide 4.01.22 at Don Klaebe Field

Lost 3-4

Our four game winning streak came to an end in a game that we thought was gettable after defeating the same opponent 14-5 in the last game before Christmas. Joel was a bit stiff as most of the Angel's runs were not of his doing, just a couple of lapses in the defence. We were also unlucky as we didn't get full benefit from Troy Weinert's fantastic at bats having no runners on at the time - so just the two solo runs. After Troy's first dinger, DChap doubled and that was promising but it didn't go any further and we failed to build on his second as well. Josh made a welcome return to the mound after battling injury for most of the season and for the last three digs closed them down with seven strikeouts for one hit. Sitting seventh after this game - really eyeing off those finals spots. Hits: Wade Moore, Troy Weinert (2HR), Daniel Chapman 2, Ethan Marchioro 1.


Away v West Torrens 8.01.22

Lost 4-9 The Eagles came out with all guns blazing and after a couple of doubles, had two on the board in their first, and made it three zip after the third. However Troy Weinert got busy in the box and smashed a two run homer to keep us in business and took a break from the mound and let the other Troy (Nicholson) have a go, who promptly put one over himself behind Jesse Toepfer's double. But such is the depth of the West Torrens club, that even with the Covid bug depleting numbers and the Giants requiring some of their players in Melbourne, they were able to keep scoring runs, and even Tolsy wasn't able to put the brakes on. We were missing a few ourselves due to the obvious reason, but still managed to put on a couple in the eighth to keep it interesting. I guess that this will be par for the course in the foreseeable future Covid wise. Hits: Todd Dunstall, Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson (HR), Troy Weinert (HR), Daniel Chapman, Jesse Toepher 1.


Away v West Torrens 8.01.22

WON 12-4 This was a complete day team effort with Tyson going well on the hill and Finners completing the good work. The only blemish for the day was an uncharacteristic couple of errors in the third which gifted them a couple of easy runs, but apart from that, our bats put on a great performance. Muggsy knocked in a couple early, Brayden doubled and got home, Rhys's double scored Muggsy and Tom couldn't put a foot wrong with multiple RBI's. Hits: Tom Dineen 4, Ryan Muggleton, Rhys Owen 3, Andrew Chapman, Brayden Marchioro 1. It used to be "Two hit Tommy" - guess we have to upgrade this now.


Away v West Torrens 8.01.22

WON 6-5 We were cruising along with a handy three run lead going into the bottom of the last, and got a shock when the home team got two and things all of a sudden got very tight, so much so that after Joe had reached his pitch limit, the Skipper had to take over and put the last batter to bed. Earlier Jimmy Chu and Lodgy combined to put us in front, and Joe's double and Richard's double got us further away, so Richard chose to sneakily steal third and got home on a passed ball. Doggie's RBI helped also, but on the debit side, twice we left bases loaded out there. Hits: Shane Brown 3, Richard Olson, David Lodge, Joe Chapman 1.


Played bottom placed West Torrens who had come prepared with their team and beat us to the tune of a 6-17 defeat. Good to see Shane Lavida on deck again and he had two hits on his return, and there was a string of single hitters, namely Aldo McCormack, Nat Oliver, Nick McCormack, Noel Watson, Tim Fawcett and the Birthday Boy Owen Williams.


Lost to the Angels 5-13 with a Covid depleted side. No excuse really, as all teams have the same problem these days. Guess we just suck it up, no complaining, and just get on with it. Hits: Cuz, Cam, Sully 2, King K, Rev 1.


Are starting a bit of a slide in the wrong direction ladder-wise, and the trend needs addressing. Lost to Gawler 5-8, but all is not lost as Shane Nicholson is hitting a purple patch (batting 1000 on Saturday), Brad is pitching better than ever, and we have a host of other players just straining to get to the pointy end of the season. Hits: Shane Nicholson, Brad Atkinson 2, Derek Milne, Greg Oxenham, Mike Chemny 1.

WOMAN'S LEAGUE v Sth Districts 9.01.22

Lost 5-9 Good game this, completely dominated by the long awaited return of Carly Moore after a prolonged stint after breaking her thumb catching Div Two. Her in the park Home Run was a highlight, as was her base running to score another. But, enough about Carly, she had support with the battery of Darna to Sarah but the batters failed to show for most of the afternoon, only recording two hits - one to Carly and the other to Alyssa Lasscock. Lucky enough to have a return match against the same team next week to make amends.

JUNIORS resume at the end of the month.

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