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At Don Klaebe Field 21.01.23  v Port   

Lost 1-8

What a giant letdown!  Certainly going in favourites, and Tyson McMee holding them beautifully for the first four innings, we completely let ourselves down in the latter part of the fifth whenpop  they bunted and relied on our errors to score a quickfire five.  Then we appeared to get a giant bonus in the bottom of the fifth - we were on our way when their pitcher gifted us firstly a walk, then two HBP to load the bases with none out.  Guess what - zero - left three out there for the second time in the game.  Cesar came into the game and held them and Troy Nicholson provided a small piece of bravado by scoring our only run with a homer to save us from dropping our pants.  We stopped the bleeding at the finish with tight defence, but were never in the hunt from mid-game  At least this week we had a few hitters - you don't win too many games without them.  Hits  :  Drew Janssen. Troy Nicholson (HR), Daniel Chapman, Wade Moore, Ethan Marchioro 1.  Still third, but must stop this poor form since just before Christmas.


At Don Klaebe Field 21.01.23      v Port   

WON 7-6

Walk-off wizards these blokes - and do you reckon Rackers wasn't pumped when his single brought in the winner in just the nick of time.  Earlier, Two Hit Tommy was at his finest with a double followed by a Nat single, and TJ stole home in spectacular fashion.  We dropped behind when our old enemy (errors) reared his head and we handed them a few easy ones.  Finners took over from Joe and it was then left to Rackers.  Job done.  Hits  :  Tom Dineen (the aforesaid) 2, Nick Kuhn, Todd Dunstall, Luke Rackerbrandt, Tyson Jarvis, Nathan Nicholson 1.


At Don Klaebe Field 21.01.23     v Port   

WON 11-1

Never in doubt this one.  We managed three in the first, five in the third after two outs and the runs just kept coming all game until the mercy rule was brought into play.  Kosi had hits, Harry knocked up hitting doubles and triples, Carly and Toby both had bookend doubles in the same inning, and Tyson had a great outing going the distance with seven strikeouts.  He is getting deeper and deeper into his work as the season goes on, and Toby looks the goods at shortstop and Carly is excelling behind the dish.  Hits  :  Kiss 3, Moore, Owen, Ikeda 2, Papps, Marsland, Chu, Kortekaas 1.


Away v Adelaide 21.01 23     

Lost 0-5

Pretty good effort this against a goodish side with all of our guys contributing.  The team morale is high and comradeship is apparent, and let's hope that a win is just around the corner.  Hits  :  Aldo McCormack, Laurie Sinclair 2, Owen Williams, Justin Randall, Josh Boden, Josh Mignone 1.


Away v Adelaide 21.01.23     

Lost 1-16

Wow - did you see that score?  No worries, this top of the table team will be able to shake off the loss you have to have and continue on with their season.   Better to lose now than at the pointy end of the season.  They were never in the hunt in a game that was not theirs from the getgo.  Hits  :  Nicko, Casey 2, Watto, Cuz 1.


Home v Gawler 21.01.23     

Lost 4-15

Looked the goods early with three on the board, but still left three out there. Then the opposition got five after we worked hard to get two outs, and we struggled to get any outs in the next while they got seven.  Derek was great catching all game, really entertaining with his spectacular antics after an attempted pop-up catch.  Hits  :  Shane Nicholson, Kim H, Kim S 1.



At Don Klaebe Field 22.01.23 v Adelaide   

WON 19-4

The camp was thrown into confusion at the last minute when Darna called in sick, and we were going in with the bare nine anyway.  So, crises averted, we went into the game confident that all was patched up.  The "Angels" surprised with a couple, but Carly snuffed that out with an all in the park home run after Lisa had got on base.  She got  bit worrried that Carly might overtake her on the run, and that was the first of four in the first.  Then five in the second, five in the third, five in the fourth.  Some highlights  -  Terrific double-play - Taylor picked up a bunt, out at second, out at first.  Amara doubled, Taylor swapped places, Di's first Div 1 game and safe hit and numerous more.  Taylor stood in for the sick Darna and did a terrific job going the distance.  Hits  :  Carly Moore (HR) 3, Amara Quinn, Sarah McMahon, Taylor McKay 2, Alyssa Lasscock, Catie Berry, Di Barry 1.


Away v WTorrens  20.01.23     

Lost 3-20

The girls were brave fronting a team that contained a number of div one softballers playing on a small under 15 diamond, who choose to play in the lower competition to avoid the dreaded Sunday 4.00pm timeslot.  Come on!!


U15  -   Home v Port     

WIN 25-0

Diesel was in his best form on the mound, and went deep and allowed his mate Haysey to finish in what was a clinical display all round. The batting was precise, and runs were coming at a cracking pace.  On top of the ladder, but need to keep a lid on it.  Hits  :  not a bad list - Remy, Jack 2, Will, Oliver, Alice, Diesel, Matthew, Noah, Dakota, Indie.

U14  -  Home v Kensington   

WIN 11-6

Not too many hits here, in fact Will Stock was our only hitter with two.  Alice continued her good season form by putting up twelve strikeouts in her four innings.

U13 -1  Away     

Lost 6-7

Got behind early, got in front and led all day until they were nutted at the end in a walk-off.

U13 -2   Home v WTorrens 

Lost 7-20

Fought on well - some really good plays.


WON  9-0 on a forfeit. 

Unfortunately no opposition.


Lost 4-9 in a game that the coaches all said that it was as good as a win because the kids were terrific and handled their bigger opponents well.                                                                     


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