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Twilight away v Adelaide Tue 24.01.23    

Lost 0-1

One throwing error in the fourth and that was the ball game.  The guy was safe at first and got pushed around to score the game's solitary run, and with our lack of hitting, that was all it took.  Neither side was getting bat on ball with Drew and his counterpart dominating, and there were few highlights - in all a pretty dull affair.  Callum got cleated in a collision and received treatment, but returned to steal a base and took on one too many attempts - out.  So we go to the top of the seventh (and last) and our boys found their bats and Callum hit to get on base, Troy N did likewise, Wade got hit and the bases were loaded.  Guess what ? Zilch runs.  Hits  :  Callum Park, Troy Nicholson 1.  Drew Janssen can hold his head up, as the loss can't be put down to him. 


Away v Adelaide  Sat 28.01 23    

Lost 5-9

What a controversial, creepy game this turned out to be.  We got off to a flyer with Drew making light of their high home run fence and setting the scene for Rackers to follow suit next dig with a homer of his own . We got four when Joel and Callum hit after the Rackers bomb and Cesar did the right thing and forced them home.  Tyson McKee was ripping them down and shutting them off for four innings until they got one in the sixth.  And we go to the seventh leading 5-2 and the rain, which had been getting heavier, was the decider.  The Angels got three off relief pitcher Cesar, who couldn't control the bar of soup he was dealing with and the tarps came out to halt play with bases loaded.  However, and this is the creepy part, the game was resumed shortly thereafter - still raining - and the home side got another four.  The ground lights were switched on, but still we went on in the rain. Final two shots at it produced nothing and the game was lost.  One to remember for all the wrong reasons.  Hits  :  Drew Janssen (HR), Cesar Perez 2, Callum Park, Troy Nicholson, Wade Moore, Luke Rackerbrandt (HR) Joel Chapman 1. Special mention - Callum Park - speccy at second base.


Away v Adelaide 28.01.23  Sat    

WON 7-5

Terrific start to the game by our boys - Todd doubled, Kuhna and Muggsy both singled, so one on the board, and when Finners had an RBI and we lucked out with an error, three was the total.  Kuhna took a blinder of a catch to hold them, but the next dig was hard yakka and they posted four.  In the fifth Todd walked, Kuhna doubled, DChap doubled to score them both and Finner's sac-fly got another.  Joe went four and Nathan mopped up with three.  Hits  :  Todd Dunstall, Nick Kuhn 2, Ryan Muggleton, Daniel Chapman, Mitch Fienemann 1.


Away v Adelaide Sat 28.01.23    

Lost 4-6

Tyson went seven innings with eight strike-outs, and it was a fine effort.  David Lodge in his possie as D/H was great with RBI's and Tom contributed this week with one hit.  Hits  :  David Lodge 3, Shane Brown 2, Breanden Taheny, Tom Dineen 1.


Went down 3-13 and still looking for that elusive win.  Great bunch.


WON 15-4 over Goodwood after shaking off that rare loss last weekend.  Humour and banter was at its best with Cuz offering Fringe tickets for his comedy act.  Casey was again in fine form on the mound and the defence stood up all day.  Hits  :  Nicko 3, Sully (in the park home run - (puff-puff), King, Cam, Dorny 2,  Cuz, Casey 1.


Lost to Kensington 2-17 with only two hitters telling the story - Mike Chemny and Shane Nicholson one each.


At Don Klaebe Field 29.01.23     v     Sturt     WON 14-2 (Mercy)

Comprehensive win by this well oiled team, led by Carly and Darna with great contributions from ALL the girls.  Only got one in the first, but the writing was on the wall as five runs came in the second with all the team getting in on the act.  Can't really single anyone out, but the birthday girl hit a double in the last and it seemed to really stamp our authority over the opposition.

So I've got Darna going five with eight strike-outs and hits  :  Amara Quinn, Sarah McMahon 3, Carly Moore, Ash George 2, Darna BoersVeen, Megan BoersVeen 1.  Great job by many hands to get it all rolling after the extensive rains, but Darna on the wheelbarrow was a worry with a little spillage - supposed to be a pro at it!


At Don Klaebe Field 27.01.23    

Lost 9-11  v Adelaide

Good game to watch with our team streaking to the lead early with five on the board, but allowing the Angels to come from behind at the death and knock us off.  Alice, Christie and Indy pitched for us, and we thought we were home and hosed when an Alice double was rewarded and Di got her home, but the opposition was good enough to pip us on the post.  Hits  :  Alice Brown, Di Barry 2, Indie O'Hazy-Zcshorn, Dakota Ding 1.



Really, really looking the goods being undefeated so far - but you have to keep a lid on it - no guarantees in this game.   Defeated GGCD 19-5 in an impressive all round display.  What more can you say?  Oliver Hayes did the bulk of the pitching and was almost unhittable early.  Doggy handed me a piece of almost indeciferable piece of paper for the hits so here goes  :  Indie 3,Noah 1, Oliver VanDommele 1, Oliver Hayes 1, Diesel 1 (hit the fence on the full), Jack 1, Will 1, Dakota 1, Alice 1.  Apologies for any mistakes.


Had a ripping 17-3 win over Gawler to make it two in a row.  Felix and Dakota did the deed from the mound, and Will Stock had two hits, and the Fawcett family featured with Jasmine and Luke each contributing a hit, and Dakota, Caleb and Riley one each as well.

U13 (1)

Travelled to Southern District and came the long haul home 7-2 winners.  Great effort guys.

>> U13(2)  Played at home and had a maiden win against Kensington 9-8 in a walk-off.  Highlights - Max and Roni did a great job from the middle and were helped by a solid performance behind the plate by Ruby who enhanced her day with a great catch.  Lily had the pleasure of walking in the winning run, and the hits were  :  Ely 2, Ruby, Mochi, Jack, Roni 1.  Special mentions to Aiden, Remy and Owen.

>> U11  Lost 2-12 but enjoyed the experience and finished all smiles.

>> U10   Had a ball - this is the way to go.

>>                                                GODANATS!

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