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Twilight v Sturt at Don Klaebe Field 7.02.23

Lost 3-4

Real hard to put on paper exactly what occurred at the back end of this game, so I won't even try. After copping two smashings this season from the Saints, both at their home ground by virtue of their dominant hitting, it was fantastic to keep them scoreless for the first five innings. We got on the board early thanks to an error which put Ethan on first and Cesar's double scored him. No more scores from anyone until the sixth, as Drew went on to record twelve strike-outs whilst conceding only two hits. They got one to equal, but we got our nose in front with a Cesar base hit, a Wade walk and a DChap hit to score. A home run against was exactly what was not needed, and three runs on to their total proved to be the decider as we could only claw back one in the last to fall agonisingly short. Our defence was superb all evening, giving absolutely nothing away. Hits : Cesar Perez 3, Drew Janssen, Daniel Chapman, Ryan Muggleton 1.


Away v H & G Saturday 11.02.23

WON 13-12 in eleven innings. One for the ages this one, with a bit of everything. Wade doubled in the first but we couldn't capitalise on it, and they hit a two run homer to surge to the lead. In the second, DChap's hit and two walks filled the bases, but a contentious triple play shut us down, and another two run dinger in the next really put us under the pump. TVS came to the mound and slowed the scoring in a great display of power pitching. Finner's double in the next produced zero, that makes it 0-6, but we were rewarded at last in the sixth when after a couple of hits, Cesar put one in with an RBI. Once again we loaded the bases and with no outs, Drew knocked in a couple and Cesar another RBI. So we are 4-9 down and we load the bases again thanks to Finners, Joel and Nat, and step in Drew, who hits a Grand Slam home run and after they gift us a couple of walked in runs we score six and find ourselves 10-9 up after our eighth. Big hitting Hernandaz equalled us with another homer, so a scoreless ninth leads us to the tenth played under International Rules where you start the inning with runners on first and second. Our turn first and Drew hits to score one and Cesar likewise but that is shortlived as they do the same to us. 12-12. Wade injured his finger and was briefly replaced behind the dish by Drew, but made a recovery and was there at the end when Finners produced another RBI, and we hang on in the bottom of the eleventh to finish with a remarkable win. It all got a bit too much for some of their vocal locals during all this and one guy had to be given his marching orders. After several weeks of meagre hitting, how pleasing was it for the team to record sixteen hits today? Hits : Drew Janssen (GSHR) 5, Mitch Fienemann, Nathan Nicholson 3, Wade Moore, Ethan Marchioro, Cesar Perez, Daniel Chapman, Ryan Muggleton 1. Special mention to pitchers Tyson McKee, Todd VanSteensel, Joel Chapman and Cesar Perez who didn't flinch at the death.


Away v H & G Saturday 11.02.23

Lost 0-12 It took us until the fourth before DChap recorded our first hit for the game, and by that stage we were six zip down - make that ten zip after the next, and they powered away to get another two. It is a large loss considering the importance of the game at this stage of the season. Thirteen hits to four tells the story. DChap took a blinder of a pop-up catch at first and must be seeing stars after giving the fence a nudge. The four hits were : Daniel Chapman, Tom Dineen, Joe Papps, Carly Moore 1.


Away v H & G Saturday 11.02.23

Lost 1-7 We scored in the first off the back of a Breandan double, Toby pushing him around and a handy error, but that was the last of the scoring for the day. David Lodge took the first of his two fine catches next dig, as fine as you would see from a first baseman. Pappsy doubled in the third and we loaded the bases, but they were all left lamenting. This third dig really exposed our relatively inexperienced lineup, when the opposition went bananas an poured on seven runs. Just the one innings, otherwise a well fought ballgame. Our pitchers, Papps, Pett and Doggy, were valiant and, once again, our lack of hitting proved vital. Hits : doubles to Breandan Taheny, Joe Papps, singles to Kieran Pett and Shane Brown.


Had a tough day against Glenelg losing 8-24. Gee it's beaut to see the positive attitude every week. Hits : Justin Randall 2, Tim Fawcett, Andrew Eime 1, Phil Zschorn 1.


Second loss in a row for these finals contenders. No worries, let it settle and it will all happen. A few errors certainly contributed to the loss, which cannot be attributed to Sully on the mound with eleven strikeouts. Loss to GGCD 2-7 with the hits coming from King 2, Sully, Nicko, Dorny, Rev 1.


Great effort to defeat Goodwood at their home ground 15-4. The enigmatic Derek Milne contributed three hits, and the other guys who put bat to ball were : Kim Soung, Greg Oxenham, Tony Tuttle, David Brooks, Shane Nicholson (a double), David Ding, Matt Davey. Aaron Petros weaved his magic on the mound.



At Don Klaebe Field Sunday 12.02.23 V Sth District

WON 11-9 Top of the table clash against an opponent that we hadn't beaten this season, so it was all on the line and I must say the ladies stood up magnificently in a topsy-turvey affair. They got one to start but Ash's superior base running was helpful as we powered on to put on three. They retaliated with three of their own and another two in the third, but Leah's hit to rightfield evened the score. Come the fourth and the Lady Hawks scored two after we really let them off the hook and could have had six outs in a clumsy effort defensively, poor old Taylor suffered after relieving Darna. But in the bottom of the inning, we took our foot off the brakes when Carly hit and got home on Darna's hit, and a wild throw saw Darna on third, and a little Ash chopper scored her but Ash was out at the plate after Smack got her to third. Leah with another RBI and we got the maximum five and that was the ballgame. A pleasure to watch after the tense affair the previous day in the Men's Division One - wow - two beauties in two days! Hits : Ash George, Sarah McMahon, Leah Turner 2, Carly Moore, Darna BoersVeen, Taylor McKay 1.


At Don Klaebe Field Friday 10.02.23

Lost 7-16 Lost the game against the more experienced Sturt, but really were super competitive, scoring the maximum in the second inning, and putting it to them for a lot of the night. Pitching staff really held their own, with Indy, Christie and Dakota featuring, but the rising star had to be the debutant, Di with two strikeouts, to go with her two hits. Bridget also had two, along with Dakota and Indy (both doubles), and Toni Ansell and Molly one each.



Away v H & G 12.02.23

WON 14-0 Oliver Hayes - what more can you say - four innings, faced twelve batters and struck them all out and had four hits which included two doubles. MVP ?? All contributed - Jack behind the plate had to catch all those strikes and did it with style whilst getting a hit, Will Stock had two and Benji, Alice and Diesel had one. Still on top of the ladder.


At home v GGCD 12.02.23

Won 2-1 According to all accounts - both from our people and the opposition people - this was a really high standard game. What's with our pitching at junior level ? Alice had twelve strikeouts and Dakota followed her with another four. Caleb Sinclair, Bodhi Forward and Alice Brown each had one hit.

U13 -1

WON 15-4 and the hard-working scorer from Mildura kindly made the effort to give me the details - but I lost them. Sorry - my bad.

U13 - 2 Lost to the speedy, base stealing Reds.

U11 Lost 5-6 in a close one.

U10 Lost 3-7


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