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v Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field 29.10.22     

Lost 6-14

A flying start by the Angels saw them shoot out to a seven zip lead after two and they powered on to a nine nil advantage at the end of four innings.  No excuses, but our two Australian pitchers playing for the Giants in Perth would have been handy.  Callum popped one up for our first, and Wade batted in a couple followed by similar from Ethan, and our new acquisition Drew Janssen crowned his first appearance with us with a nice homer.  Welcome Drew - hope there is a few more of those to come.  Not a total disaster, the opposition was completely unrecognisable from what we have been used to over previous years, but we will continue to hang in there and see how it all pans out.  Hits  : Drew Janssen (HR), Ethan Marchioro 2, Cesar Perez, Wade Moore, Callum Park, Nathan Nicholson 1. 


v Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field 29.10.22

Drew 4-4

Our undefeated Div Two team had to settle for a draw after falling behind three nil in three, before we got a two run RBI off Rhys's bat and a Pappsy RBI to square it away.  Joe had done his bit and was relieved by Joel who didn't give them a sniff in the concluding innings, and a draw at this stage of the season beats the hell out of a loss.  Hits  :  Joe Papps 2, Todd Dunstall, Brenden Pett, DChapman, Rhys Owen, Jose Ramirez 1.


v Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field 29.10.22          Lost 4-6

The boys and gals suffered their first defeat of the season even after racing to the lead when Breandan tripled to notch up two, and things went a bit stagnant until (for the second week in a row) Toby K hit a double to score one.  Errors were not our friend and we coughed up enough to let the other mob in.  Tyson did a great job in the middle, and Joey continued on the good work.  Hits  :  Kosuke Ikeda, Rhys Owen, Breandan Taheny, Toby Kortkaas, Tyson Jarvis 1.


Didn't have the best of luck in going down 1-13, with the hits - all singles - to Tim Fawcett, Andrew Eime, Laurie Sinclair, Justin Randal, and Craig Mortimer.


Knocked off H&G to the tune of 16-6 with Casey Moore going the distance, superbly backed up by his offense chiming in with eighteen hits including two from newbie Jono.  Who needs Behr??  Hits  :  Nicko, Cuz, Sully, China 3, Cam, Jono 2, Casey and Superbat Watto 1.  Catch of the year ??  -  Had to be Jono!


Lost to Kensington 3-9

Lots to come out of this game - not disgraced by any means.  They played a really attractive game and were unlucky at stages not to be able to record a cherished win.  Ding continues to improve on the mound and Shane was a reliable closer, but a bit of attention to the general fielding and batting wouldn't go astray. Hits  :  Aaron Petros 2 Derek Milne 1.



At Don Klaebe Field 30.10.22   

WON 9-1

Really great to see the girls back at home base with their infectious enthusiasm, especially when they bring their A grade game with them. A few highlights - Carly's two hits - a triple and a double, Darna's form on the mound, Skye's fantastic attempt to slide at home plate, Lisa B's instant fame as a fully qualified baseballer.  Honestly, the girls were not troubled at all, except for the injury count as Alyssa had her thumb jammed onto the bat, Ash had a pitch thump into her ankle, and worst of all, Meggsie, who redamaged her already troublesome knee. Hope all is ok.  Hits  :  Carly Moore, Sarah McMahon, Amara Quinn 2, Ash George 1.  Amara closed for Darna - what a combo!


At Don Klaebe Field 28.10.22   

WON 17-9

How about that?  A second Ladies team! Welcome girls to your inaugural game, and on the home diamond as well. All did their bit and they were a cut above their opposition and ran out easy winners on the back of Christie Ikeda's pitching and Alice Brown's closing.  A good blend of youth and experience in this team.  Hits recorded were  :  Molly Brown, Mel Askins, Toni Fotheringham 2, Toni Ansell, Alice Brown 1.  Great start girls - keep it going.


Junior League - U15 

Had a good win over Adelaide 9-0 after the "ground crew" (mums,dads and assorted helpers) did a fantastic job of clearing the tarpaulins from the diamond after the prolonged rain.  Game got under way with only a fifteen minute delay, and our girls and boys clocked up another win with Alice and Haysy proving too good from the hill, and the hits were  :  Oliver Hayes 3, Little bro Benji Hayes 2, Alice Brown, Jack Robson 1.

Intermediate - U14

Played the last game out at Goodwood - unfortunately going down 14-7. After a very slow start the team managed to bounce back with some excellent pitching by Dakota. Whilst we got lots of hits we just couldn’t catch up those early runs! 

Little League - U13

Both our Div one and Div two teams had their games curtailed due to rain - no result, a pity as both teams were leading when the rain intervened.  Next week guys.

Minor League -U11 

No rain up at Kensington in the early morning start, but the team were beaten 2-4 with Bodhi, Myles and Kylah shining on the mound. 

Good stuff Mini League played bright and early on the back diamond versus a very experienced Adelaide team. Our youngest team going down 6-0 but improving every week under Laurie Sinclair’s  guidance. 

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