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Tuesday twilight at Don Klaebe Field  v  Nth Districts 15.11.22     

WON  6-5

Yet another walk-off win after falling behind mid game following a poor inning, where we gifted the opposition a five run frame with throwing errors and sloppy defence.  The game had started as a fair dinkum pitchers contest with Joel sitting them down efficiently, and their guy doing the same until Drew put one over the fence with a two run homer.  So we went to the last trailing 2-5, and their pitcher was relieved, which sent a sigh of relief through our camp.  Troy and Drew both got on base, then Cesar stepped up and scored Troy,  Muggsy got Drew home, a walk helped us out no end and Joey Papps belted one to right field for the walk off - pretty good!  Joel went nearly four, and Tyson McKee and Cesar did the rest.  Hits  :  Troy Nicholson 3, Cesar Perez 2, Drew Janssen (HR), Todd Dunstall, Joe Papps 1. 


At Don Klaebe Field     v     Glenelg     19.11.22     WON 12-2

Its starting to get a bit repetitious, but we walked off this win in the bottom of the seventh, invoking the mercy rule.  After holding them to a duckegg in the first, both Ethan and Troy got on base and jogged home when Cesar launched one straight to the Skidkid's fence, and we followed this up with three more next dig and ditto in the next, with Cesar knocking up getting rbi's.  Rain was interrupting play regularly, and the boys kept their fitness levels up by running out with the covers every couple of innings.  Wade got into the act as well with a nice rbi hit, and we were able to hold them with a regular change of pitchers - namely Tyson McKee, Cesar, Troy N and Drew.  Hits  :  Cesar Perez (HR) 3, Ethan Marchioro, Troy Nicholson, Drew Janssen, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman 2, Luke Rakebrandt, Ryan Muggleton, Daniel Chapman 1.  (A side note : Cesar was looking for his favourite bat pre game, couldn't find it, so used a makeshift one. One home run later, he wouldn't let it out of his hands.) 


At Don Klaebe Field     v     Glenelg     19.11.22     Lost 2-3

Started well, with Finners doubling and Pappsy scoring him, but failed to keep the momentum going, and we let them in by conceding three runs in he fifth before the rains came.  Weather cleared, and we just couldn't make up that gap, scoring once more when Joey P crossed the plate.  Joe C toiled manfully for four plus innings and Nathan N closed, but we were left to rue being picked off twice.   Hits  :  Todd Dunstall, Mitch Fienemann, Joe Papps 1.


 At Don Klaebe Field     v     Glenelg     19.11.22     Lost 4-9

With Tyson Hancock pounding away on his way to five strikeouts, the early going was tight, and if it hadn't been for a few errors, it could have remained that way.  Kossi was doing his bit, notching up two doubles only to be left out there both times, and Breanden doubled in the last, but the damage had been done, and we recorded a rare loss.  Hits  :  Tyson Jarvis, Jose Ramiraz, Breanden Taheny, Kossi Ikeda, Carly Moore.


Away v Angels     

Lost 8-10

A creditable performance with eight men on the diamond on the back of solid pitching by Justin and Andrew.  Hits  :  T. Fawcett, J. Randall, A. Eime 2, L. Sinclair, J. Boden, O. Williams 1.


Away v Playford     

WON 21-0

Against the hapless Playford, our batters took full advantage, none more so than Superbat Watson with five hits, closely followed by four from Sully and the switch-hitting Dorny, three from Nicko, and Nate, Fitzy and Casey one each, whilst Jobu and Rev chimed in with a couple each.  High points - Casey threw his first ever shutout, and Sully firmed as Ivan favourite after being picked off but given safe!!


At Don Klaebe Field     v     Adelaide     

Lost 3-11

We played really well for the bulk of the game with Ding really coming along with his pitching, but we gave up the maximum seven in the last to make it seem that the game was one sided - which it wasn't - 3-4 down after five innings.  Nearly everyone made the bases, with the hits being  :  Aaron Petros, Greg Oxenham, Tony Tuttle, Mike Chemny 2, Derek Milne, Shane Nicholson, David Ding 1.



v     Sth Districts at Don Klaebe Field  20.11.22

Lost 3-10

No excuses, we just didn't play to our capabilities, and failed to back up MVP Darna on a number of occasions - sometimes needing five goes to get three outs.  She must have caught a cold standing on second base twice after belting doubles and waiting to be brought home, but no dice.  We rallied a little in the third, scoring two after Darna and Leah made bases, and after the pitching change, Amara was having a problem with the slippery ball and conditions in general, and the visitors went on with the job.  Hits  :  Darna BoersVeen 2, Ash George, Sarah McMahon, Alyssa Lasscock, Catie Berry 1.


v     Sturt away 18.11.22     

Lost 3-15

Playing against a much more experienced H&G at their home ground on Friday night. Hits to Kerryn, Alice, Di and Indie who batted in 2 runs with her hit to centre field. The girls are looking forward to getting out to training this week and playing this Friday nightback at home. 


U 15 

Went on their winning way and accounted for Port 17-2 - Oliver Hayes hit a ripper HR, lots of hits throughout the team and a huge effort to Alice for stealing 3 bases to score. Top effort in tough conditions at Port.


Lost to the undefeated Adelaide 1-12.  Our pitchers performed well, with Dakota striking out five and Alice ten.  Riley Sinclair, Will Stock and Alice Brown all had hits.

U13 (1) Lost 1-5

U13 (2)

Lost to East Torrens 1-19.  The pitchers, Riley, Roni and Max battled away with Ruby catching in the mud.  Remy and Jack were good in the field and the hits were Owen 2, Riley, Aiden and Ely 1. 


Lost 0-8 against a top side with Kasper hitting and Myles and Kylah sharing the pitching and doing a fine job.


Lost 9-1 to a stronger Adelaide. Lots of determination in this Mini League team.

T-Ball was cancelled due to poor weather.

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