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Twilight Home at Don Klaebe Field v Port Adelaide 12.01.21

WON 9-7

The game was a real fast starter with the Maggy boys hitting two doubles to shoot out to a two nil lead, but the best was yet to come with us posting five in the first on the back of Wade and Troy both hitting and scoring on Cesar's hit, and then Abby and Muggsy both contributed, as did Ethan, and we even scored another on a little bleeder. They were forced to change their pitcher in the second after we got another couple on an Abby double and Muggsy, well, he was just squirrelling away. There was a slowdown in scoring for a couple of digs, until Port got four in a flurry, and a home run evened the scores. But we managed to score on a Port error and got one more on a Muggleton hit. Nice win. Hits: Wade Moore, Ryan Muggleton 3, Troy Nicholson, Daniel Chapman, Craig Abbott 2, Cesar Perez, Ethan Marchioro, Nathan Nicholson 1. Pitcher of note - Joel Chapman.


Away v Nth Districts 17.01.21

WON 14-0 We went up North with a seriously depleted squad because of a happy event that included a fair proportion of our playing personnel. But the courage of the individuals who flew the Senators' colours could not be doubted as we powered on to an impressive win, in which there were many highlights. Just off the top, how about the Coach's performance - forced to play first base because of the aforementioned shortages, he started off with a double, then really had his moment in the sun when he launched one for a Grand Slam Home Run in the third. Got a single later but pulled out of his quest for the cycle, citing a sore leg. Cesar got into the act with his own homer, and Ethan was denied by the last half meter of the fence. Abby is in rare form at the moment, hitting doubles and RBI's regularly, but I want to single out Troy's fine effort on the hill. Forced to be the starter, he allowed one hit for the afternoon, struck out eleven batters out of twenty-three, threw sixty-one strikes and thirty-nine balls and gave up one walk. His defence backed him with zero errors in what was a fantastic team game. Hits: Craig Abbott, Richard Olson (GSHR) 4, Callum Park, Cesar Perez (HR) 2, and one each to Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson, Ethan Marchioro, Nathan Nicholson, Brayden Marchioro and Jimmy Chu.


Away v Nth Districts

WON 8-6 Nice to see the reappearance of Jackson Sowton after a break, and he settled in perfectly, showing a commanding performance at first base. Two Hit Tommy Dineen got the scoring started in the fourth with a two run RBI, and our base running appeared to befuddle the Red's boys. We got five in the sixth - could have been more - but Rhys's face plant when trying to run home from third set up a bit of a road block. However he recovered and went on to pitch the entire game in a seriously good showing. Hits: Rhys Owen, Tom Dineen, Tyson Hancock 2, Jimmy Chu, Harrison Kiss, Jarrod Marsland, Wade Moore 1.


Couldn't come up with the win, in David Lodge's 600th game. What a fantastic Clubman. Will do anything asked of him and wanted to keep it all low key - and he managed it. Well done Dave, and of course, his family.


Went down to the powerful, unbeaten Glenelg side 2-15. The Bays have their name on the Cup at this stage, but you never know, we aren't slouches either, and with luck and no injuries, we are still in it. Hits: Flash, Dorny 2, Rev, Teaks, Stinky, Azza, Behr 1.


Had a nice win 13-11 but, once again had to withstand a bit of heartache towards the finish, when a good early lead was being whittled away. Casey was a hero on the mound and the hits were: Brad Atkinson, Shane Lavida 3, Derek Milne, Aaron Petros, Shane Lodge, Craig Mortimore 2, Casey Moore, Noel Watson 1.


What a wonderful thing to have the girls back on home turf for a twilight game. We didn't win against the top team, but the night was terrific, with atmosphere and fun. How good was it after the game, when both teams congregated in the clubrooms, had a drink and some meals, and forgot about the loss and had a good time. As it should be. Result 1-12 down. Hits: Carly Moore and Alyssa Lasscock one each. Darna and Carly were the pitchers.

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