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Away v GGCD Sat 11.11.23 WON 6-5 Give us a break guys - after four weeks of agonisingly close games with most of them going into extra innings, we deserved a quietish one - but no such luck, as the game up at Surrey Downs went right down to the wire, and once again we had to delve deep into our fighting spirit to come away with a hard fought win. We got under way with a run in the first when Callum and Cesar combined for one but we left loaded bases out there - a lost opportunity. AJ came on to pitch against his former club with a little bit of noise but such is the man and his teammates, we all got through the initial innings unscathed. We managed to silence the noise on their bench when Joel popped one over in the fourth after Drew, Cesar and Finners had all hit doubles - 5-0. They kept chipping away with a run here and a run there and got close to our score with two in the eighth, after AJ had sat down with twelve strikeouts to his name. Troy Nick at this stage had pitched three quality innings and gave way to Drew, who just had to put them away in the last for a one run victory - and would you know it - he did just that. Hits : and a brief explanation - Callum Park 2 - just so reliable, Drew Janssen 2 - when you need him, Cesar Perez 2 - always dangerous, Mitch Fienemann 2 - ticking all boxes, Troy Nicholson 1 - got this one , watch out, Wade Moore 1 - always in there, Joel Chapman (HR) - did it, Daniel Chapman 1 - Wise head. Definately on the rise from hereon in, with a lot of tough games behind us, and whilst it is not all plain sailing ahead, we approach the upcoming games with confidence. DIVISION TWO

Away v GGCD Sat 11.11.23

WON 6-2 Declan gave up two in the first and we put that down to nerves, but after that it was a complete closing down of their battrers. Great effort. Our offence was a bit sleepy also and it took us till the fourth to put one on the board when a Muggs flyer advanced Vic to third and Pappsy got him home with a ground ball. A further three runs in the final two digs saw us home after Finners and Joel cleaned them up. Hits : Victor Liu, Daniel Chapman, Joe Papps, Jose Ramirez 2, Armando Ramirez, Ryan Muggleton 1. Muggsy and Pappsy were significent with RBI's at crutial moments and Oliver Hayes put on a clinic at second baseg DIVISION THREE

Away v GGCD Sat 11.11.23

WON 12-3 Jimmy Chu set the standard with a two RBI double in the first, and then sat back to watch Jalon knock'em dead with his speed in the next two. While Coach Dave was having a breather, he was happy with the third when Jimmy hit again (that's two broken bats), Diesel had a two run RBI, Aldo knocked in another and Kosi doubled - six runs. Ray came on and was equally impressive with his speed and control, and also managed a triple with the bat. Hits : Aldo McCormack, Kosuke Ikeda, James Chu 2, Jalon Zhao, Diesel Fallon, Ray Wei 1. DIVISION SIX

Home v Sturt Navy Sat 11.11. 23

WON 6-1 I reckon that's a couple in a row for the sixers, a meritorious effort, with Doggy sitting down nine of their batters with k's. Hits : Andrew Eime,' Braithwaite, Zschorn 2, Brown, Wallis, Wilson 1. The boys are feeling a lot better, it's marvellous what winning does for morale. DIVISION SEVEN (Red)

Away at Gawler Sat 11.11.3

WON 14-7 Gawler's first ever game on their spanking new diamond, and we spoiled the party from the very first pitch of the game when Hooney belted one over the centrefielder's head and found home plate, before going on to win the inaugural game. Terrific game all round, with Dinger knocking them dead from the hill, and the hitters who got into the act were : Hooney (both triples), Derek Milne 2, Kim , Shane Lodge, Steve Saunders, Greg Oxenham 1. DIVISION SEVEN (Blue)

Home v GGCD 11.11.23

Lost 10-16 Disappointing loss, chasing runs all game. Slipped to five down early, rallied and tied it up at ten all before giving up six in the last. Pitchers were left lamenting, as the defensive efforts were not up to scratch. Hits : King 3, Cuz, Nicko 2, Behr, Fitzy, Morty 1. WOMEN' LEAGUE DIVISION ONE

Away v Sth Districts Sun 12.11.23 Golden Grove one day - Southern Districts the next. Hope petrol prices go down soon. The girls went south and couldn't bring home the win, gowing down 3-6. No great cause for alarm, as they may be having a slight premiership hangover, and they are perfectly good enough to bounce back in no mean fashion. Look out for next week. Hits : Darna BoersVeen, Louise Pelle 2, Alyssa Lasscock, Ella Forrester, Charlotte Paech, Leah Turner, Sarah McMahon 1.


Away v GGCD Fri 10.11.23

Lost 6-9 Played in quite extreme heat, and not without a bit of controversity. Under the circumstances, a creditable performance. Hits : Alice 2, Molly, Jemila 1. JUNIORS U17

Had a bye U15

Played at home against Sth Districts and finished with a win 5-4. Alice was on fire and bowled them over in the first with a 1-2-3 twelve pitch inning, followed by a three run triple in her first at bat. So we got four and the Hawks replied with three and it stayed that way for a while untill both sides scored a run apiece late. Hits : Alice 2, Sebastian, Benji, Dakota and Anton 1. U14

Went to the Port and unfortunately lost 2-11.


Played at home against West Torrens and really got hold of them to the tune of a 15-0 win. Scored the maximum five in three of our innings with Archie Wallis hittin a home run (in the park), a double and a single, Felix Oliver two triples and a single, Francis Calo two singles, and Bodhi Ansell and Ely Plares both chiming in with singles. Great effort. U11

Lost to Kensington 0-10 U9

Had a good time and are improving at a rapid rate of knots.. No scoring. GODANATS !!!

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