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DIVISION ONE vs GGCD at Don Klaebe Field 13.10.19 

WON 7-0

We welcomed Rhett Feser fresh off the plane and a bit of a kip at the Kortekaas', along with an old friend in Gary Owens, and new boys Ethan and Brayden Marchioro, and a heap of stalwarts from previous campaigns and went into Round One of a new season with the confidence that we would acquit ourselves with pride under new Coach Richard Olson. It didn't take long for Rhett to impose himself on the opposition's bats, giving up only three hits for the game for no runs whilst snaring eleven strikeouts.  Vic's double to score Jacko got us under way in the second, and we made it two zip when Ethan got on on an error, then to third on a passed ball and home on a wild throw.  Rhett took a breather after six and Troy pitched in for one and Gary for two at the death. The rain came in the eighth, and after a short break in which our boys used the covers to advantage, we scored four more to record a very good win.  Hits: Ethan Marchioro, Troy Nicholson 2, Todd Dunstall, Gary Owens, Rhys Owen, Vic Bentvelzen 1.  Rhett, in his first outing for the Club, was given the MVP after the game.

DIVISION TWO vs GGCD at Don Klaebe Field 13.10.19     

Draw 5-5

Three sets of brothers in this team - the Marslands, Marchioros and Nicholsons.  Harks back to the days when the name Lodge filled the team sheets.  This game showed that we will not bow down in adversity, and can guts it out when needed.  We were hitting ok, but were down three nil in the middle of the fifth, before more good hitting and, in particular, more controlled and aggressive base running squared the game.  Nathan N was good on the mound and came off, and the Dodger's pounced and got two, but once again we were equal to the task and got those couple back to make a draw of it.  Hits: Brayden Marchioro 3, Tom Dineen 2, Jarrod Marsland, Travis Joblin 1.

Divisions Four, Six and Seven start next week - Sat 19th, and the Women on the 25th.

UNDER 17 vs Gawler at Don Klaebe Field 12.10.19     

WIN  16-0

The boys got to be first to christen the beautifully manicured diamond for the season and did it in fine style, scoring a maximum seven in both the first and second innings.  Everything went to plan with Owen Williams owning the mound and the batters doing their bit as well  Hits: Cody Tape, Harrison Kiss, Aldo McCormack, Owen Williams all one each.

UNDER 13 vs Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field 13.10.19   

Loss 5-12

This team, under the coaching of Carly Moore, have improved their skills immeasurably over the break, and show great enthusiasm and will no doubt win their share of games in the near future.  Hits:  One each to Ben Bynoe, Toby Kortekaas, Katya Shmakov, Beau Brownhill, Chase Wallis.

UNDER 11 vs West Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 13.10.19     

Loss 2-10

Playing on the main diamond against a well drilled Eagles team, our boys and girls had a fantastic time and scored an outstanding two runs.  Coach Doggie should be proud of his charges.  Matthew Nanasi managed a hit, the fielding was sharp and Oliver Van Dommele threw thirteen strikes (with one strikeout) to be the standout pitcher.  It's all on again next week.                                             

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