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The season is on us once again, and we kicked off in dull and dreary conditions - one could almost say bloody cold.  Let's hope the rest of the season is played in more favourable circumstances.  We all had to toughen up and play, and play we did with some great results, some not too great results and all in all not a bad weekend.


Away v Goodwood Sat 14/10/23   

DRAW 2-2  (in eleven)

We welcomed AJ to our Club and stuck him on the mound from the get-go.  First three digs were scoreless, and a throwing error in the fourth gifted them their only two runs for the day, and then we clawed and scratched our way to even up procedings after six when Greg Bravo's hit scored Joel and the Fireman got Callum across the plate.  AJ sat down after six fine inninge with eight strike-outs, and he was relieved by the equally mean Cesar and Troy N who had to go to eleven innings and still no result.  A credit to our pitchers and defence who were superb to hold the powerful Goodwood hitters to just the two unearned runs in eleven digs.  Hits: Mitch Fienemann, Joel Chapman 2, Wade Moore, Callum Park, Adenson Verastegui (AJ), Nathan Nicholson, Greg Bravo 1.  Season looking good after this hitout.


Away v Goodwood Sat 14/10/23     

WIN 9-3

Declan Quinn took the new ball in his first game for his new Club, and left the game after four with us in a commanding position up five - one.  Freddy Aguilar led the hitting brigade, notching up three from three to show the way for Nat, Kuhna and the Ramirez’s to follow.  Nat was at his absolute best in relief and Breandan had a throw at the end to round out a convincing win.  Hits: Freddy Aguilar, Jose Ramirez 3, Nick Kuhn 2, Daniel Chapman, Breandan Taheny 1.


Away v Goodwood Sat 14/10/23     

Lost 3-5

We had our chances, especially early when Diesel Fallon singled in his first senior game to put runners in a  scoring position, but we didn't capitalise on the opportunity.  Damien Wall did his hammy in the outfield and was done for the day  and Tyson came off the mound with four good innings under his belt to give the ball to Jimmy Chu who in turn left it to David Lodge to finish the game.  Our bats came good towards the end with Elvin's hit being a highlight.  In the latter part of the game we had first and second bases manned by our juniors from Mildura.  Hits: Elvin Avila 2, Diesel Fallon 1.


Played at home against Sturt Blue and in a competitive contest went down eventually 4-7, with Andrew Eime and Shane Brown being great contributors.


v Glenelg at home and lost 9-14. 

The boys let the Bays in early for a run but then creamed them with seven to go to a handy lead, and then sat back and let the Bays chip away at our lead to eventually go down.  Casey was in fine touch but the defence let him down.  Luke "Red" Taylor made his debut and is one to watch.  A minutrs silence before the game was a fitting tribute to Phil Alexander.  Hits: Luke 3, Nicko 2, Cuz, King, Nate 1.


v Goodwood at Flinders. 

This fine body of men went to see what they could glean from a day at University and came home with a surprise - not a degree this time, but a well earned win 18-10.  Season off to a great start, more to come.  Hits:  Randall 3, Petros, Lodge, Saunders 2, Milne, Tuttle, Soung K, Vuong, Ding 1. Aaron and Dinger pitched.


Away v Adelaide 15/10/23     

WIN 9-2.

Our Premiership winning group of champions (albeit with a few ins and outs) went to the Adelaide home ground in determined fashion to keep the momentum going from last year's triumph - and succeed they did.  Amara was on the mound and set the tone for the day with an almost perfect display of tight pitching from the beginning.  And the batters were no slouchers either, with Darna RBI, Charlotte (welcome), Smack, Di, Catie and Amara all contributing to a four run inning early which saw off their pitcher.  The momentum continued with runs in most innings, and when Amara went for a breather, the Angels were not out of the woods as Darna took over and closed. A top performance.  Hits : all nine got involved - Darna BoersVeen 3, Amara Quinn, Sarah McMahon, Charlotte Paech, Catie Berry, Di Barry 2, Louise Pelle, Alyssa Lasscock , Ash George 1.  It's going to be a good season.


Senior League  (U17) 

Great win over Goodwood - all the more meritorious because we have not fielded a team in this competition for a few years.  Our boys and girls rose to the occasion and defeated their opposition 9-2 in a terrific display. Ollie Hayes and Diesel Fallon shared the pitching, and the hits came from Ollie Hayes 3, Diesel Fallon, Matthew Nanasi 2, Ollie VanDommele 1.

Junior League (U15)

Div 1  Lost narrowly 3-5  but their mates in Div 2 were not so fortunate and lost 1-20.

Little League (U13) had a great win 11-0.

(U10) had a fantastic win 9-4.

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