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DIVISION ONE vs Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field 17.11.19     

Lost 1-6

We welcomed Deyuu Fan (Deuce) and Weihao Wang (Willy) to the Club from China via Adelaide Giants and hope they have an enjoyable time with us for the next month, whilst staying with Pattie and Lawrie.

After giving up ten runs (all unearned) to Northern Districts in the double-header last weekend, we were really looking forward to a far better performance this time round.  But what we got was more of the same, some good - some bad.  The good was Rhett Feser who pitched the maximum allowed and came out in the seventh at 1-3, and the bad was a mixed bag of defence and all round sloppiness.  We left far too many on bases having worked hard to get runners out there and our stealing costs us week after week.  So look out Goodwood next week.  Hits :  Gary Owens, Wade Moore 2, Todd Dunstall, Troy Nicholson, Rhys Owen, Brayden Marchioro 1.

DIVISION TWO vs Adelaide at Don Klaebe Field 17.11.19     

Lost 3-7

Nathan Nicholson was going great guns from the centre, but it took the bats some time to get going, and it was not until late in the game that we started to put a few together and score some runs.  We again had our share of angst, and had an ejection as a result, and had to use three pitchers in the end, namely Nathan, Ethan Marchioro and Rhys Owen.  Hits :  Todd Dunstan, Tom Dineen 2, Nathan Nicholson, Deyuu Fan, Jarrod Marsland, Weihao Wang, Rhys Owen 1.  This team has lots of talent, just waiting for them to turn it on.

DIVISION FOUR went down to the Bay and went down to the Bay.

DIVISION SIX traveled out to Kensington and came home with the two points after having a 10-4 win.  Sully was his masterful self on the mound going the distance with everybody getting in on the act with the bats.  Good to get back into the winners circle after a couple of losses.  Hits : Geyer 2, and one each to Rev, Teakle, Couz, Behr, Scotty, Cam, Flash and Dornie.

DIVISION SEVEN played the early game at Kensington and had the misfortune to get knocked off in the last by one run 9-10.  Casey Moore got the nod as MVP with his pitching performance and three hits.  The boys were going for two in a row - but not to be.  Bad luck. The other hits were Watto 3, and one each to Brownbill, Lodge (who did his ankle), Flash, Milne, Chemny, Craig Mort and a nice double to Nick McCormack.


Back on the winner's list after a hectic come from behind win over GGCD 9-8.  They certainly gave us some anxious moments during the game, but when the whips were cracking, they really brought their intensity into play, and played a fantastic last dig, with Megan's bright yellow boots flashing to the plate in the gathering gloom to seal the deal.  Darna Veen scampered around the diamond for an in the park home run and pitched the game out - a great showing.  Hits :  Alyssa Lasscock 2, Darna Veen, Carly Moore, Kenzi St.George 1.

UNDER 17's had a bye.

UNDER 13's had a good win over GGCD for coaches Carly and Jack and all the mums and dads 15-8.  Toby Kortekaas was the winning pitcher, and if I can read Renae's writing, I think he had two triples and a single, Ben Bynoe had a single, Jack Stanmeyne had five singles, Beau Brownbill had four and Vincent Zollo had one.  Poor Indie Ohazyfedinov didn't get a hit but played well, as did the rest of them.  Well done.

UNDER 11's went to Southern Districts and haven't been seen since.  I heard that they lost narrowly, but the carrier pigeon has not got back to town yet so no details. 

UNDER 9's had a bye and no doubt spent the weekend working on their skills.                                                         

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