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This week the focus is all on the two lower grades, namely Divs 6 and 7, because of the milestone games for Craig Reval (500) and Craig Mortimore (700).


The sign that the kids brought to the diamond said it all - "Happy 500th game Rev".  Craig played a significant part in the win on his big occasion, and having his old mate over from Melbourne, Tony Page, making a cameo performance added to the day.  They had to fight like blazes and come from behind, but guts it out they did.  While Marso toiled away on the mound, the boys hit well for their 14-11 victory over Henley and Grange.  Hits: Sully, Cam, Flash, Marso 2, Rev, Behr, Scotty Geyer, Nicko 1.


Defeated Henley and Grange 10-2.  I

t was Craig Mortimore's 700th appearance for the Senators and he had a hell of a day, he did it all.  Two hits, one error, one K2, one sprained ankle and one tumble at home plate. Congrats. Man of the match however was Nick McCormack - his winning pitcher game consisted of 86 pitches, nine strike outs and he also chimed in with a double and two singles. There was plenty of Lodges at the game, at least six, to recognise Craig, and also Glen Lodge who was playing his 700th for H&G to go along with his 200 for Woodville in the past.  Scores were level for a while, but we powered away at the end for a real good win.  Hits: Nick 3, Noel Watson, Craig, Lawrie Moore 2, Derek Milne, Keith Mortimore, Behr 1.

WOMAN'S LEAGUE - Drew with Glenelg 11-11, a big tick seeing we got thumped by them earlier in the season, and were in a winning position to win this one.  Carly was a star coming off her sick bed to hit three doubles, but young Alyssa Lasscock got the accolades with four hits.  Louise also hit a double and singles were hit by Rachel Coutie, Leah Turner, Darna Veen and Catie Berry.


Lost to Glenelg 1-22.

DIVISION ONE Twilight 7.01.20 at Don Klaebe Field vs Adelaide 

Lost 0-11.

Top of the second and our guys just had a nightmare inning conceding eight runs with multiple errors compounding themselves.  We couldn't run them down in squeeze plays, and the defence in general was awful, but, conversely, showed patches of brilliance with some nice plays.  The Angels didn't hit all that well, but then, neither did we except perhaps for Wade Moore who continued his hitting streak from the last few games.  If we could bring home all the runners we leave on bases, scores might be a bit different.  Hits: Wade Moore 2, Todd Dunstall, Tom Dineen 1, and Gary started with Rhett, Troy and Ethan in relief.

DIVISION ONE vs East Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 12.01.21     

Lost 0-11

We were all set to celebrate Gary Owen's 200th game for the Senators, but the Redsox had other ideas and gave us a pasting with nine runs in two innings - a scenario that has become all too familiar of late.  Rhett had them under control at 0-2 when he came out, but then the aforementioned run fest occured, and we were powerless to control them, with again, errors contributing largely.  Gary Owens pulled off one of his characteristic brilliant catches to give us our highlight for the day, but seriously, what an ornament he has been in all his 200 games for the Senators.  A true gentleman in every sense, he has contributed enormously over the years, especially when we were making grand finals on a regular basis.  Well done Gary.  We had two hits for the day, both to Troy Nicholson, and after Rhett pitched, Gary, Troy and Ethan gave it a go.  We have now scored one run in our past three games and it was a Gary Owens home run - not a recipe for success.

DIVISION TWO vs East Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 12.01.20     

WON 7-3

This was a tighter game than perhaps the scores indicate.  The Redsox headed us early, but with Harrison Kiss and Troy Nicholson both hitting doubles, we snatched the lead off them and then made four runs in the fifth, with Ryan Marsland's double paving the way.  ET would't be denied and continued to play hard, but when Nat Nicholson relieved Rhys and Will Kortekaas belted a triple, they were done.  A handy result, with finals still in the frame.  Hits:  Troy Nicholson 3, Will Kortekaas, Ryan Marsland 2, Harrison Kiss, Rhys Owen, Jackson Sowton 1.

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