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DIVISION ONE Twilight at Don Klaebe Field 19.01.21

WON 8-6 v Adelaide.

We kicked off with a couple of doubles from Wade and Cesar for a two run lead, the Angels got one back and we held that one run lead for a while on the back of Joel's steady pitching. Adelaide's bats came to life and we fell behind later in the game, but a Cesar dinger got us going again and we set ourselves up for a last ditch effort, needing four runs to get back in front. Well, we got one, and then loaded the bases, and, with two out, a full count, and hearts pounding, Cesar calmly put one over the fence for a walk-off Grand Slam. What a moment. The boys were delighted, as were the supporters. Hits :Cesar Perez (1 HR, 1 GSHR) 3, Craig Abbott 2, Wade Moore 1.

DIVISION ONE at Don Klaebe Field 23.01.21

WON 9-8 v GGCD Would you believe it, another walk-off win. This time it was Daniel Chapman who did the honours. The early going was interesting, with all players hitting at will and putting five on the board, but a couple of errors cost us two runs in their second, and they really knocked us around in the fourth with six. So we dropped behind, but stuck to the task and with good base running and hits in the last from Callum and Troy, we drew level, and it was left to Daniel to get that last run home. Brother Joel is still waiting for that elusive "W" as Troy claimed that coming in as relief - soon Joel, soon. Hits: Wade Moore, Callum Park, Troy Nicholson 2, Cesar Perez, Craig Abbott, Daniel Chapman, Ethan Marchioro, Nathan Nicholson, Brayden Marchioro 1.

DIVISION TWO at Don Klaebe Field 23.01.21

Lost 3-10 v GGCD

The big Fireman had the ball in his hand, and after filling up the bases in the first, showed his prowess by leaving them scoreless. He did three digs - no problems. We were competitive most game, and led through four after Mitch scored on an Andrew Chap hit and Harry doubled, but the wheels really fell off in the fifth, when four errors gifted the Dodgers' a pile of runs. Hits: Todd Dunstall 2, one each to Rhys Owen, Mitch Fienemann, Andrew Chapman, Tom Dineen and Harrison Kiss.


Lost to Adelaide 2-11


Had a fine win over Kensington 8-2, a game in which the pitching of Andrew Sullivan was a standout.


Defeated Kensington 10-3 Casay went the distance in a fine performance and the hits were: Three to Casey Moore, two to Lawrie Sinclair and Nick McCormack, and one each to Derek Milne, Aaron Petros, Aldo McCormack and Tim Fawcett.


Had what you might say an easy win when the Goodwood team failed to show, and so a 9-0 win was recorded.

JUNIORS all resume this weekend.

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