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 v West Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 21/10/23     Lost 2-3

Before the game there was a brief ceremony to retire the gurnsey number of long time record holder Keith Mortimore - who has notched up well over one thousand games in his illustrious career for the Woodville Club.  Carly Moore then threw the first ceremonial pitch to start the game, as she has just returned from Canada where she represented Australia in the World baseball games, as the first South Australian female to do so.  And proudly a Senator from the beginning.  So the Div One game began, and it was obvious from the start that this was not going to be a run fest, as first TVS and then AJ gave them nothing, and their counterpart the same until the Eagle boys started to make a few connections with the bat in the fourth to post three runs.  The recently returned Drew Janssen had tried real hard in the first only to get caught on the fence, and there were some glimmers of hope when both Mitch and Greg Bravo doubled in separate innings.  No more scores from the reigning premiers, because first Cesar and then Troy N were right on top and the eighth dig came around and, with a couple on base, Cesar’s hit up the middle scored us two.  That was all she wrote however, and we fell agonisingly short.  Really good game for our first Home game of the season, plenty more to come - including last year's runner up Henley & Grange at home next week.  Hits  :  Cesar Perez, Greg Bravo 2, Mitch Fienemann, Nathan Nicholson 1.


v West Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 21/10/23     WON 12-11

Quietish start to the game with both sides putting on two in the first.  Declan on the mound is getting stronger each outing and kept their bats subdued till they knocked in three in the third.  Then we got going on the back of Freddy's hitting and the Ramirez boys kept the momentum on a high, so much so that Joey Papps put a two run dinger over the fence and we finished with seven for the innings.  The Eagle boys reacted and put on six of their own, but not to be outdone, when needing three for the walkoff, we did it  - again.  Hits  :  Ryan Muggleton 2, Armando Ramirez. Freddy Aguilar, Jose Ramirez, Breandan Taheny, Harrison Kiss, Joe Papps (HR) 1.


v West Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 21/10/23     Draw 15-15

Poor start with unlikely starting pitcher Dave Lodge not getting one iota of help from his defence, and the youthful Eagles had five on the board  before we took a breath.  More errors in the second saw us seven down, but then the super reliable Lodgy got the ball rolling with a double and we started to get back into the game.  Kosie came onto the mound and things started to slow, and then Haysey doubled and Kosie did the same and all of a sudden we scored eight to finish with an unlikely draw.  Hits: Ollie Hayes, Elvin Avila 3, Kosuke Ikeda, Josh Boden, Aldo McCormack 2, Jimmy Chu, David Lodge 1


Hail the heros.  This win, 4-3 against Gawler at West Beach, took a year and a half to come to fruition.  Fantastic effort from Doggie who went the distance with ten strikeouts, and surely three Brownlow votes.  Hits  :  Tim Fawcett, Shane Brown 2, Jake Wilson 1. No one else?


Led early, got the stitch and coughed it up for the second week in a row.  Plenty of wins to come.


Didn't really set the world on fire going down 7-17 to Golden Grove.  Leaked four in the first only to claw back three, but let them get a further seven in the next.  Didn't live up to the promise they showed last week.  Dinger and Tony shared the pitching and the hits were Shane Nicholson 3, Hoony Soung 2, Aaron Petros, Derek Milne, Mike Chemny 1.



v  STURT at Don Klaebe Field 22/10/23     

Lost 6-9

The girls had their colours lowered by a very good Sturt team who were coming off a huge win against Glenelg last week.  Lots of upside here though, with good performances from a number of ladies, including another debutante in Ella Forrester and junior Indie Ohazy-Zschorn.  Ash got us moving early and Ella got her first Senator hit, but a confused play at home plate scored a couple for the other mob.  A definite highlight - Amara on the mound in trouble with none out and bases loaded, but showing a lot of aplomb, got out of jail with three good outs and no run.  We were down seven in the last, but we really got them worried by getting four, and we quietened them down for a while.  Get 'em next time.  Hits  :  Amara Quinn 3, Ash George, Louise Pelle, Carly Moore 2, Alyssa Lasscock, Ella Forrester, Darna Boers-Veen, Indie Ohazy-Zschorn 1.  


v Kensington at Don Klaebe Field 20/10/23     

WON 7-6

Ground breaking first run for the new season for the girls when Di crossed the plate and got us under way.  Di, Dakota, Christie and Alice shared the mound, and in a great last dig we scored the final three runs required to power home for the win.  Terrific stuff.


Senior League (U17) 

at DON klaebe Field 22/10/23  v Kensington     

WON 17-2

The guys and gals are starting to show their strength against the opposition, and seem to be continuing on from their Premiership last year in the under 15's.  But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, it's a long season.  This team is fortunate enough to be coached by Nathan Nicholson, Shane Nicholson and our standout import Drew Janssen.  Boy - they really listen when he instructs them.  Hits today  :  Noah Atkinson 2, Ollie Hayes, Diesel Fallon, Matthew Nanasi, Lachlan Stock, Jack Robson 1.  Pitchers were Ollie and Diesel.

Under 15(1) lost to GGCD and Under 15(2) lost to Adelaide. 

Under13 Little League had a good win, but Under 11 just got pipped by the one run.


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