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Away v Adelaide 18.12.21

WON 14-5 Many, many highlights in a game that we entered with confidence and the mission was completed with a convincing win. Joel pitched as well as we have seen him in this marathon effort so far this season, Wade excelled with two massive homers (one of which was off the game's second pitch), and Weiny continues to be a ball magnet, getting hit twice in his five at bats along with two walks and a hit. The value we are getting from our lower end batters is really helping to keep the scoreboard clicking, as evidenced by doubles hit in clinch situations. After Wade got us going, we increased our lead with Todd's two run RBI, and Nathan's two run RBI in the fifth, and Wade's double got us another. The boy's posted their tenth in the seventh with Rackers getting in on the act getting Troy home who took over on the mound from Joel. But they were not finished, and Nathan and Wade both doubled again and we kept hitting and we loaded 'me up and got still more. All played well! Hits: Wade Moore 5, Luke Rackebrandt 3, Nathan Nicholson, Todd Dunstall 2, Ethan Marchioro, Troy Nicholson, Troy Weinert, Joel Chapman 1.


Away v Adelaide 18.12.21

WON 7-2 Tyson took to the mound and, as he did last week, kept their bats quiet. DChap and Muggsy combined for our first couple, and the fifth was super productive with Muggsy's double knocking in two, Abby's RBI adding to the total and then AChap put one down the third base line to record two more for five. Weiney rolled his arm over for a couple of digs - looking good. Hits: Ryan Muggleton 3, Mitch Fienemann 2, Craig Abbott, Andrew Chapman 1


Away v Adelaide 18.12.21

WON 7-1 Scored four in the first after Dave doubled to load the bases and the Coach stole home in a cheeky move. Left three out there though, could have got more. Dave doubled again in the second but couldn't beat the throw to home - we all know about the legendary Lodge pace! Second (Coach) and short (Petty) combined for a nifty pickoff in the fourth and then in the fifth we left 'em out there again after Josh hit, Kieran hit and the Coach took a hit. A terrific triple in the next by Breandan was rewarded when Jimmy got him home. Joe was faultless for the entire game, and Jimmy was king of the outfield. Hits: David Lodge 3, Breandan Taheny, Kieran Pett, Josh Tols, Shane Brown 2, James Chu, Josh Boden 1.

DIVISION SIX Home v Adelaide

Lost 5-7 Bad luck to miss out on this one, as the effort was there and the improvement was notable. Hits: Casey Moore, Tyson Jarvis, Steve Couzner, Owen Williams 2 Barry Eime, Nick McCormack 1.


Home v Adelaide

WON 28-3 Crushing win here on the back of thirty-one hits. Hits: Nick McCormack, Grant Behrandt, Troy Kortekaas 5,Steve Couzner, Adrian Sullivan(HR in the park)4. Cam Britcher, Nat Oliver, Noel Watson, Craig Reval 1.


Away v Adelaide

Lost 7-10 Were travelling along nicely and then ran into that poor innings again, giving up seven. A mini fightback was to no avail and we fell short. We left a few too many out there, but I'm sure that will be addressed by their astute Coach. Hits: Aaron Petros, Brad Atkinson, David Ding 2, Derek Milne, Greg Oxenham, Shane Lodge 1


Away v Sturt

Lost 0-10 The girls seem to be just drifting along until the Christmas break. Let's hope they get their mojo back in time for finals. Sturt are a pretty good team in this competition, but so are we when at full strength. Hits today: Leah 2, Cathy 1, Alyssa 1.


U15 Junior League - put up a very creditable performance against West Torrens and lost narrowly 9-12.

The U13 Little League teams were "Covided" out today with their respective opponents having to cancel due to close contact problems within their Clubs.

The U11 Minor League team didn't ave their best day and lost 4-16.

Peewees as usual had fun.

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