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Twilight 11.01.22 v Glenelg

Lost 1-15

Boy oh boy - nobody saw that coming! We went down to the Bay to play against the second bottom team, and got a spanking. We managed three hits for the day, one of them being a huge homer by Cesar, but our bats never showed any authority for the entire evening and we came up way short. Todd and Wayne gave us a glimmer of hope in the third when they got on base - but no runs - and this was quickly snuffed out when a Bay guy hit a Grand Slam home run. But the worst was yet to come, as, in the next, the Tigers raced away to a ten run inning, an inning in which we tried four pitchers which was in stark contrast to their man who was able to throw a minimum of pitches to us. All in all, a pretty disastrous result given the state of the ladder. Hits: Todd Dunstall, Wade Moore, Cezar Perez (HR) 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field v Sturt 15.01.22

Lost 5-6 Sturt got away to a flying start, puting four on the board in the first, but Rackers closed the gap somewhat in the fourth by planting one over the fence after Troy N doubled. Finners was doing a fine job on the mound at this stage and came out of the game having pitched five innings to give way for Joel who pitched the remainder for no runs. We pegged another back in the seventh when Wade and Joel hit and Troy knocked in the run and this set us up for the bottom of the ninth - needing three to even it up or four to win. Wade gave us two of these with his two run homer and things were getting tight and when Cesar doubled and they intentionally walked Troy W - with two outs - it was crunch time. Abby was oh so close to being the hero when his smash to right field was caught by the fielder down by his boot laces. What a pity, as the boys did their darndest to erase the feeling of last Tuesday. Hits: Wade Moore (HR)3, Todd Dunstall, Troy Nicholson 2, Cesar Perez, Troy Weinert, Luke Rackebrandt (HR), Joel Chapman 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field v Sturt

Lost 1-4 Tyson took to the mound and was looking solid in his five digs, and his job was made easier by the defence, which was also efficient. However hits were few and far between and we didn't really trouble the scorers all that often. Hits: Ryan Muggleton, Craig Abbott, Tom Dineen 1.


Home at Don Klaebe Field v Sturt

WON 13-3 Poor old Joe, they hit two homers off him in the first to set him back on his heels. But to his credit he came back with a vengeance and conceded just one more run for the game, in a powerful display. We had erased those two runs by the second when the Skipper hit the fence on the full, but wasn't content with the double and was out trying to pinch third. The best was yet to come though, as we piled on seven in the next when Dave doubled to score Brayden, Carley's triple got her an RBI, Marso got into the act with an RBI and the Skip finally put one over for a couple. Doggy's two RBI's rounded out the game in the last to record a comprehensive win. Hits: Richard Olson (HR) 3, Jimmy Chu, Brayden Marchioro, David Lodge, Jarrod Marsland, Josh Boden 1.

DIVISION SIX lost to Sturt 6-11 with Leigh Pedder having two hits, and Flash, Shane Lavida, Nick McCormack and Owen Williams having one each.

DIVISION SEVEN also lost to Sturt 6-9 in this top of the table clash. Shades of yesteryear from Behr on the mound, who put in a good one. Hits: Flash, Sully 3, Rev, Nicko 2, Behr, Cuz, Cam 1.


Home v Sturt

Lost 6-9 Both sides got one run each in the first, but then we had our inevitable poor innings in the second, giving up seven. We fought back brilliantly however to almost pinch it at the death. Hits: Derek Milne, Laurie Sinclair 2, Shane Nicholson, Brad Atkinson, Greg Oxenham 1.

WOMEN'S LEAGUE Game called off because of Covid cases.

Juniors resume at the end of the month.

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