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Starting off this week with the Ladies because of their startling win over the previously undefeated top team - Sturt.

WOMAN'S LEAGUE v Sturt at Don Klaebe Field 6.02 22

WON 9-2

Dana really set the scene with a 1-2-3 first dig, but last year's premier team knocked in two runs soon after to hit the front. Lisa hit a big double, followed by Alyssa's which produced our first run and with Lisa starring with another hit out to the fence, we scored three to steam to the lead. The fifth belonged to Carly as we racked up five after her in her in the park home run, and we finished off the job in the last with a superb double play. Pure baseball the girls played all day, with no errors, all catches taken and all getting a chance to contribute. Hits : Megan Boers, Alyssa Lasscock 2, Carly Moore, Leah Turner, Sarah McMahon, Lisa Hage 1.


v Port at Don Klaebe Field Twilight 1.02.22

Lost 4-7 Another one of those frustrating could have - should have - didn't games. Gees we have left heaps of these games this season out there and it is so disappointing when we play teams lower on the ladder and let them dictate terms. In this one, Josh stood up and we had the lead deep into the game, plating an impressive four runs in the third when Wade doubled and they walked Troy N and a passed ball scored a couple and Racker's hit got two more home. Tantalisingly, we were close to scoring a few more again, but no result, and then Josh finished his stint and the wheels fell off. Hits : Ethan Marchioro 2, Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson, Cesar Perez, Luke Rackerbrandt 1.

DIVISION ONE v Glenelg Away 5.02.22

Lost 2-6 Geepers creepers - this is almost a "ditto" of the above. We had two moments only for the entire game - huge home run from Rackers (almost went to the airport) and another solo effort by Troy Nicholson. Team batting seems to have gone out of the window lately, especially when we come up against these lower clubs, who love putting the boots in - our fault - we let them. Hits : Troy Nicholson 2, Todd Dunstall, Luke Rackerbrandt, Tom Dineen 1.


v Glenelg Away 5.02 22

WON 7-6 Meritorious victory this one after letting the Bays score two, two, two in their first three digs. All was not lost however, as Muggsy smashed a two run homer to start a four run inning and set us up for a final push. Abbey doubled and got home on a Mugg's hit to enable us to take the lead, and record a really gutsy, come from behind win, on the back of DChap's save. Hits: Ryan Muggleton (HR), Kieran Pett, Mitch Fienemann, Chris Sims 2, Daniel Chapman, Craig Abbott 1.


v Glenelg Away 5.02.22

WON 7-1 Just clocking up the wins on the back of an exceptional season of work by starting pitcher Joe Chapman, We shot to an early lead and were never headed, due to good team batting and fine defence. Nothing more to say really, the guys are just getting it done and sit high on the ladder, Hits : Jimmy Chu 4 ,(and at least that many fine outfield catches), Rhys Owen 2, Richard Olson,1, David Lodge 1, Shane Brown , Jarrod Marsland 1.

DIV SIX and DIV SEVEN didn't actually set the world on fire this weekend unfortunately. losing 1-17 and 3-10 respectively to the Bays at Don Klaebe Field, with no-one recording a hit in the Sixers, and the Sevens faring a little better having Tyson Jarvis and Cuz having two hits each, and Nick, Flash and Dorny 1.


Lost to H&G

Once again lost it in one inning, giving up the maximum in the second, really putting the kybosh on final's aspirations. Hits : Greg Oxenham 3. Aaron Petros, Shane Nicholson, David Ding 1.


Great to see both diamonds full of lively and energetic youngsters today. U15 lost to Kensington U13 (1) Won 15-1 U13 (2) Lost 4-13 U11 Won 6-1

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