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Twilight v West Torrens 8.02.22 at Don Klaebe Field.

Lost 6-8

With all the rain that fell during the day, we got off to a start - albeit a bit slippery in parts - and the Eagles posted a run in their first at bat. The bottom of the first belonged to our batters however, going through the lineup with Wade, Cesar, Troy N, Joel, Abby and Ethan all recording hits to knock in six runs. The mound was a little treacherous by this stage, and first Wieny and then Cesar had trouble with their footholds, and Torrens eventually gained the lead. Nathan closed and did a good job of containment to concede no runs in over two digs. The game was an indication that we are not far off the mark against the top teams, and I'm sure we gave them something to think about. Wieny's double play at the death was a highlight. Hits: Cesar Perez, Troy Nicholson, Joel Chapman 2, Wade Moore, Craig Abbott, Nathan Nicholson, Ethan Marchioro 1.


Home v East Torrens 12.02 22 at Don Klaebe Field

WON 8-5 Tolsy on the mound was always going to give us a bit of a head start and so it proved to be, when he threw ten strike outs whilst only conceding one run in his seven innings stint. We just seemed to be coasting early with single runs coming in the first few frames, and we accelerated in the fourth with a Cezar two run hit to put in two. From the on it was a bit of a standoff,with nobody getting a distinctive advantage. But we maintained our lead and went on to a decisive win to keep finals in sight. Hits: Todd Dunstall, Luke Rackerbrandt, Cezar Perez, Joel Chapman 2, Ethan Marchioro,Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson, Troy Weinert, Josh Tols 1


Catch up game v GGCD at Don Klaebe Field Wed 9.02 22

WON 12-11 The Dodgers got two but we equalled off the back of a Kieran two run homer. We fell behind when Golden Grove posted a six run inning and we started a mini comeback when AChap had a two RBI hit, and we continued to claw the runs back. Finners was having a bit of trouble on the hill and was relieved by the wily Kieran and then the miserly Tyson. So we go to the bottom of the last at 9-11 down and soon had loaded bases and two out. What happens next? Well you couldn't write the script. Carly comes to the plate as a pinch hitter and despite the thinly veiled derision from opposition supporters, takes two strikes and then calmly belts one to rightfield for the base clearing double and the walk-of win. Stupendous. The place went nuts - what a ripper. Hits: Kieran Pett (HR) 4, Daniel Chapman, Andrew Chapman 2, Chris Sims, Mitch Fienemann, Tom Dineen, Carly Moore 1.


v East Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 12.02.22

Draw 9-9 The big sexy got us going in the first with a double, but it was the second that seemed to be the winning inning when Harry's hit, Muggsy's two run dinger, Simsy and Nats RBI got us five for the dig. Abby hit a two run RBI in the fourth and we were looking the goods,but we leaked runs in the last couple of innings to fall behind and in the last there were thoughts of another walkoff (two in a week)? but we only got the one to equalise. Damn. Hits: Ryan Muggleton (HR) 2, Rhys Owen, Chris Sims, Nathan Nicholson, Chris Abbott 1.


After trouncing the top team last week, we were all looking forward to the Bay's encounter, hoping that last week's win would be the springboard for the forthcomong finals. What a disappointment! We were never in the hunt, conceding far to many runs early and unable to make up the difference. Lost 1-11.


v East Torrens at Don Klaebe Field 12.02.22

Draw 2-2 Dave Lodge and Kosi got the game going in the first by combining for our first and when Jarrod hit a double in the second it was you beaut, how good is this. But that was the end of the good times and we let them in to score two and that was the end of the penny section - no more. Hits: David Lodge 2, Breandon Taheeny, Carly Moore, Harrison Kiss, Jarrod Marsland 1

DIV SIX and DIV SEVEN were the travelling teams, and all the way to Payenham, where they both recorded losses, Not sure of the Sixers score, but the Sevens lost 4-13 in what could be described as an upset with Behr doing his best from the mound with eight strikeouts and two hits, Flash, Sully, Nicko and Cam 1.


Although going down 3-10, the whole team acquitted themselves well against a pretty good side, Aaron pitched the best game he has had for a while, but his offense failed to back him up on most occasions. Hits: Tim Russell 2, Aaron Petros, Mike Chemny 1.


U15 - You beauty - first win for this season to reward the hard working team of Coaches and players. Well deserved. WON 7-0 over H&G

U13 (1) Also defeated H&G 12-8

U13 (2) Lost 3-11

U11 WON 8-6 in what was a really good day for our Club.

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