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Away v Sturt 26.02.22

Lost 2-4

Sturt sneaked a couple in the first with a bit of cheeky small stuff, and that was all they got until the last, when they scored two more after Tolsey had to put his cue in the rack after another stellar performance, netting eleven strikeouts. His effort was matched by his opposite pitcher, who went toe to toe all game in what was an enthralling afternoon. Love to see that enfold in many more games - so much so that over the course of the game, not a home run was scored on a diamond that lends itself to fence busters. We clawed our way back into contention in the eighth when Wade and Ethan got home from a hit and an error, and it squared the game away and an upset was on the cards - but snuffed out when the Saints got those last two. Could have, should have, didn't - story of the season. Hits: Joel Chapman 2, Troy Nicholson, Troy Weinert, Daniel Chapman 1.


Away v Sturt 26.02.22

Lost 6-7 Fascinating game that really should have been put away earlier when we had a commanding lead, being in front six to two before the last. Muggsy's triple got us going in the second when he got two home and we got three in the sixth after they intentionally walked him and Rhys knocked in three with a biggie out to the fence. We got a bit of stage fright at this point, and after Tyson's earlier gallant efforts on the mound, we coughed it up. Hits: Rhys Owen, Daniel Chapman 2, Ryan Muggleton, Richard Olson, Craig Abbott, Nathan Nicholson 1.


Away v Sturt 26.02.22

WON 13-2 Creamed them from the start with four in the first, and with Joe continuing on with his great form this season, we didn't give them much of a sniff all game. Talk about history repeating itself - Breandan walloped a triple in the fourth and next up Jarrod doubled, only for the exact same scenario in the next dig to see us chime in with nine big ones, Joe cooled his heels and the experienced Doggie put them to bed. Hits: Breandan Taheny, David Lodge 3, Jarrod Marsland, Shane Brown 2, Kosuke Ikeda, Aldo McCormack 1.


Went down to Sturt at Don Klaebe Field 12-16 after holding a 12-10 lead earlier. Hits: Behr, Scott Harmer 3, Mignone, Casey Moore, Owen Williams (triple) 2, Shaun Wallis, Flash, Mort, Barry Eime, Leigh Pedder 1.


Lost to the top side in this division 8-9 and let's bring on the finals. Hits: Behr 3, Flash and Nick McCormack 2, (although his base running is in question), Rev, Cuz, Sully, Dorny, Cam 1.


Defeated Sturt at their home ground 17-9 in a very competent display in which Azza pitched a blinder and Laurie Sinclair knocked in five RBI's during his doubles and triples exhibition. The boys were told before the game of the foibles of the unusual playing conditions at Sturt whereby for a home run at right field you have to go two fence panels up and to the right (or left?) of a white post. They were all intent on this information until someone said - what are we thinking, none of us can hit that far anyway! Hits: Laurie Sinclair 4, Greg Oxenham3, Aaron Petros, Derek Milne, Brad Atkinson, David Deng, Justin Randall 2, Mike Chemny 1.


Played away against the Bays and gave them a comprehensive old fashioned hiding 14-0 in a terrific lead-up to finals which are only one week after the last game next week. Really, this is the place to be on a Sunday afternoon as the game is played in a fantastic, fun-filled atmosphere, and it is all inclusive. Darna was superb as she is honing in on an important milestone - eighty strikeouts for the season (bearing in mind she had a bit of time off to get married). All the girls contributed, from Carly's lead off and her triple, and Kensi scoring a couple getting Skye and Katie home, and Leah's RBI and Smaks 2 RBI. The list goes on. Be on hand next week at Don Klaebe Field for celebrations after the last home game . Hits: Carly Moore, Sarah McMahon 3, Darna Veen 2, Leah Turner, Megan Boers, Alyssa Lasscock, Kensi StGeorge 1.

JUNIORS U15 Lost to GGCD 0-19 U13(1) had a terrific win ove GGCD 14-11 U13(2) Lost 9-13 U11 lost to Norths 1-5 Peewees went to Adelaide

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