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Don Klaebe Field 23.10.21 v Kensington Lost 1-11

Very good hitting team the Cardinals, but apart from a couple of runs in the second dig and one in the fifth, we contained them, although not putting any on the board ourselves. Joel was in command, as was their starter, and it was not until he was relieved that the big hitting began. They asserted their prowess and raced away in the final stages of the game to give us a big loss. Not that we made errors, we were pretty good most of the day in defence, but you don't score too many off only four hits. Wade Moore, Troy Nicholson, Ryan Muggleton and Craig Abbott one each. Got another toughie next week at Goodwood - so it's onwards and upwards.


Don Klaebe Field 23.10.21 v Kensington WON 15-2

In the absence of Tyson from the mound (baby delivery duties) Mitch took over and delivered five top innings, not giving them much of a sniff, whereby our boys were having a field day with Triple Tommy starring knocking up getting hits and RBI's, and Jimmy, Todd, Kieran and Mitch all contributing. Josh Tols, who has been a stranger to the bat, went one from one. Twelve runs came our way in the final dig, which was closed out by Kieran. Top effort. Hits: Kieran Pett 4, Todd Dunstall, Tom Dineen 2, Rhys Owen, Mitch Fienemann, Andrew Chapman, Jimmy Chu, Josh Tols 1.


Don Klaebe Field 23.10.21 v Kensington WON 12-4

Just a steady procession of runs, with three in the second, six in the third and another three in the fourth putting the Kensi boys on the back foot. Joe Chapman knocked 'em dead for five solid innings, with steady hitting from Jesse, Harry Kiss, Josh Mignone, Kosuke Ikeda and David Lodge making life difficult for their guys. Hits: Kosuke, Josh M, Jesse 2, David, Josh B, Harry 1


Had an unusually poor day out at Kensington's ground and went down to the tune of 0-14 with only Flash, Craig Mortimore and Sean Wallace getting hits.


Different story here with a big win 12-6, once again out at Kensington, and plenty of players getting into the act. Behr, Nick McCormack, Aldo McCormack and Superbat Watto all had two hits and Flash and Dorney piped in for one each.


Travelling easy at 9-2 up at one stage late in the game, they put the frighteners on everybody by slipping to 9-9 and then, frighteningly going behind 9-11. So the task in the last was to score three for the win - and they managed it to come away victors 12-11 over Kensington. Hits: Derek Milne 2, Brad Atkinson, David Ding and Greg Oxenham 1. Aaron Petros went the distance.


Away v Sturt 24.10.21

Lost 4-6

The girls went to an early lead before putting in an ordinary one in the second dig and letting the Blue's girls get their noses in front. They fought back frantically in what was another high-class game and have a bye next week to lick

their wounds. Darna pitched the majority, relieved by Carly and the hits were: Carly Moore 3, Alyssa Lasscock, Darna Veen, Kensi StGeorge, Megan Boers 2, Sarah McMahon 1.


The Minor League (U11) was our only win for the day, getting up 7-6 against Southern Districts with Felix and Beau being our main pitchers, and Poppy doing a good job at catching for the first time.

The U15's lost to GGCD as did both of our Little League (U13) teams.

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