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Away v Goodwood 30.10,21

Lost 0-15 Not much to say - outplayed in all departments by the strong line-up of the Indians. They scored in every innings bar one, and we showed a glimmer of hope only once in the third when our bats started to spark up, and Nathan, Simsy and Troy got on base, only to be left there. We had a mere four hits for the day, with Troy Nicholson getting three and the hard working Joel Chapman one. Heaps of games to go, and having played two of the top teams back to back, we can now hopefully settle into the season with a more settled team with all available.


Away v Goodwood 30.10.21

Lost 2-19 Almost ditto the above, except we had five hits in this one, but still let the opposition score in every innings, and rather heavily towards the final stages. Hits: one each to Mitch Fienemann, Rhys Owen, Craig Abbott, Ethan Marchioro and Josh Tols.


Away v Goodwood 30.10.21

Drew 9-9 We got away to a brilliant start and scored six in the first (albeit aided by several walks) and with Joe in good touch, we were looking ok until they started to gradually sneak back into the contest. Doggy relieved Joe, and the Skip came into bat, walked and subsequently scored. Can't keep him out of it. Hits: Jarrod Marsland (1st game for the season) 2, David Lodge, Shane Brown 1.


Didn’t trouble the scorers and let in seventeen.


Had a draw at home against Goodwood 10-10.


Game of the round this one - had a bit of everything - fast start by us, fightback by the Indians - we get in front again and they pip us on the post. THE highlight happened in the third, with big Greg charging up the line on a dropped third strike, the first baseman fumbling and Greg high tailing it to second only to have the second baseman flummoxing around, so Greg sets off for third and slipping onto his bum trying to get back, then taking off for third for the second time to fall flat on his face. Gold. Hits: Shane Nicholson, Laurie Sinclair, Mike Chemny 2, Derek Milne, Brad Atkinson, Justin Randall 1. Lost 8-9.


Had a bye. JUNIORS had a patchy day, with the Junior League team losing 3-12, Little League (1) losing 5-13, and the Minor League team also losing. Can't find out about the Peewee's first outing but pleased to see that Little League (2) had a fighting win over the Hawks 12-11 in a highly entertaining game.

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