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Away v ETorrens 21.11.21

Lost 3-4

Another one that really got away. Three all after nine after we kept them scoreless for the last five innings of normal time, and then we put in a poor one to let them walk it off. We certainly had our moments, with highlights coming from homers off the bats of Troy and Joel, and Todd's ground ball scoring Ethan. Joel threw five, Cesar a couple and Troy finished. What about that sneaky Troy Nicholson - not a word to anyone that he was playing his five hundredth game for the Senators. A win would have been a fitting result for his fine service. So we are looking forward to playing Port next week, and should have quite a powerful team to put it to them. Hits: Troy Nicholson (HR), Cesar Perez 2, Wade Moore, Joel Chapman (HR), Daniel Chapman, Todd Dunstall, Tom Dineen 1. DIVISION TWO

Away v ETorrens 21.11.21

Lost 3-7 We let them get away to a huge start - seven runs after two digs - then Finners came to the rescue and pitched the rest for no runs. We left the best to the last, with Josh showing his hitting prowess by bruising the top paling on the fence to allow Rhys to score, and Petty scoring Muggsy. Not too sure which way the wind was blowing, but it was a beauty. Hits: Kieran Pett, Josh Tols 2, Mitch Fienemann, Richard Olson, Rhys Owen 1.


Away v ETorrens 21.11.21

Lost 2-5 We started brilliantly with two runs and Kieran hurling them down in fine fashion, but he got the stitch and gave way for Doggie in the fourth. Plenty of chances in the last, where we loaded the bases to have a real crack, but popped up for the last out. Defense was solid after the average start, and the hits were: David Lodge 2, Kieran Pett, Jarrod Marsland, Josh Mignone 1.

DIVISION SIX and DIVISION SEVEN both played ETorrens at Don Klaebe Field and the sixers went down 3-14 with Casey Moore getting three hits, and a whole host of single hitters, namely Aldo McCormack, Owen Williams, Harmer, Eime, Berh, Leigh Pedder, Nick McCormack and young Morty. We left heaps of runs out there.

The Sevens fared a lot better and recorded o 15-5 win with Nick McCormack pitching a good game and collecting three hits, ably backed up by Behr, Flash and Sully with one each.


After a freezing and wet start at nine in the morning, our guys were slow out of the blocks in an uncharacteristic performance in which we got the early outs but let them off the hook on a few occasions and lost 5-15. This side is a lot better than this result, and as a top team must, will improve as the season goes on. Hits: Shane Nicholson, Laurie Sinclair, Lisa Hage 2, Aaron Petros, Derek Milne, Brad Atkinson, Greg Oxenham, Shane Lodge 1. WOMEN'S LEAGUE

Away v Sth Districts

Lost 7-20 With so many injuries and absences, the girls went south with a fantastic attitude and gave it their best shot in a game that was played in a great atmosphere by both teams. No quarter was given by the opposition, and they really made the most of their opportunities, as we lacked the girl power to get into the game. Alyssa did her darndest on the mound, but by the time Kenzie took over the game was done and dusted, and she just had a good time, and so did the rest of us. Gee Carly, this coaching caper is not all it is cracked up to be is it. Hits: Leah Turner, Lisa Hage 1.


A bit tardy getting the results through today, and as I am experiencing internet problems, I will have to leave it there. Sorry.

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